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Brewers confirm opening day lineup: Carlos Gomez will lead off

Six more days until this lineup takes the field!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier Tuesday, the Brewers released their lineup for a spring training game against the Reds. That's a fairly innocuous thing to do; in fact, they have done this exact same thing for each of their previous spring training games as well. This one had a twist, though.

The below lineup, as confirmed by Ron Roenicke to Tom Haudricourt, will in fact be the Opening Day lineup when the Brewers take the field against the Rockies in Miller Park April 6.

There are no real surprises as far as who the starters will be goes. With Rickie Weeks gone in free agency and Adam Lind coming over from the Blue Jays, the Brewers don't plan on employing as heavy of platoons as they did in 2014, plus Milwaukee will be facing right-handed Kyle Kendrick, so any platoon splits would favor Scooter Gennett and Lind, anyway.

If the batting order is also set, which it seems it is, that means that Carlos Gomez will once again begin the season in the lead-off spot with Jonathan Lucroy's on base skills and plate awareness in the two and Ryan Braun filling his old familiar three spot. Aramis Ramirez has spent nearly his entire time with the Brewers batting in the clean-up spot, and he'll remain there for what is expected to be his final MLB season.

This time around, Ramirez will have more constant protection with Lind batting fifth. In 2014, Khris Davis led the team with 39 games spent in the fifth spot of the rotation while 10 different players saw a game in that spot in the order. Gennett and Segura will work at the end of the order. Those two could flip-flop, but Segura's speed could make him more of an asset in front of the pitcher. Barring injury, it seems like this order will remain fairly consistent -- all five players at the top are the better offensive players on the team and should be up there to get more at-bats.

Only six more days until the above lineup (and Kyle Lohse) take the field against the Rockies. Six more long days.