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BCB Community Over/Unders: Khris Davis

Is the left fielder primed for a breakout season?

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Khris Davis may present the most perplexing puzzle involved in projecting the 2015 Brewers. Gerardo Parra comes off the bench behind him and it's easy to see a situation where he loses a lot of at-bats against right-handers. Parra's status as a far better defender than Davis will also probably result in him being subbed out in a lot of close games. On the other hand, Davis has great power potential, is 27, and has a pretty even platoon split in his MLB career so far. I could see breakout (look at that batting line in 2013!) or I could see him settling in as a solid part-timer.

2013 153 .279 .353 .596 22.2 7.2 -4.7 1.1
2014 549 .244 .299 .457 22.2 5.8 -2.9 1.8
Steamer 419 .247 .312 .453 22.3 7.2 -8.4 1.0
ZiPS 481 .253 .320 .473 24.1 7.5 -5.3 2.1

As always, the projection falls somewhere in the middle, which is similar to where he ended up last year. I think in the end he gets well over 481 plate appearances and that's my reason for taking the OVER here. But I'd be really happy with that ZiPS line either way.