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Game Thread #-31: Brewers vs UWM Panthers

Go Brewers!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Brewers baseball is back, albeit Brewers baseball you can't actually watch or listen to.

The team will play it's first game of the spring today, an exhibition match against the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers that will not count towards Cactus League standings. Here's the lineup the Brewers have going to start off the game:

Mike Fiers gets the start, but will probably only pitch an inning -- maybe two -- before coming out of the game. Most players starting will see limited time as the Brewers gradually get guys back into playing shape over the next month.

No Braun? No Ramirez? Is Ron Roenicke even trying to win this game? If the Brewers don't start picking it up soon, I'm seriously doubting their chances to capture the Needle Crown, or whatever the Cactus League title is.

Unfortunately, there's no radio and no video for this game, so you'll have to rely on Twitter or some other source for any information about the game.

Go Brewers!