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Fox Sports Wisconsin will air 150 Brewers games in 2015

Here is a look at the games that will not be broadcast by FSN.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports Wisconsin and the Brewers announced Wednesday the network will broadcast 150 of the team's 162 games this upcoming season.

Here's a list of the games that will not be broadcast by Fox Sports Wisconsin:

Thursday April 23 vs Reds
Thursday May 7 vs Dodgers
Saturday May 23 vs Braves
Wednesday May 27 vs Giants
Saturday May 30 vs Diamondbacks
Thursday June 25 vs Mets
Saturday July 4 vs Reds
Wednesday July 22 vs Indians
Thursday August 6 vs Padres
Saturday August 8 vs Cardinals
Saturday September 26 vs Cardinals
Thursday October 1 vs Padres

Potential missed opportunities include two games against the Cardinals, including one towards the end of the season. If the Brewers are in contention for a playoff spot, however, I would expect that game to be picked up one way or another. Same with the October 1 game against the Padres, which will be the fourth-to-last game of the season. The Brewers are also not broadcasting a second, earlier game against the revamped San Diego squad.

Depending on how the chips fall, it's possible we could miss Zack Greinke pitching against the Brewers, if the May 7 game against the Dodgers falls on a day he starts. We'll also miss one interleague game, against the Indians.

One game against the defending World Series champion Giants will also not be shown. If you'll remember, the last time the Brewers played the defending champs, they swept them on their home turf.

The end of May could be rough if you're hoping to catch a lot of Brewers baseball. Between a day off and three games not being broadcast, the team will only be on the television five times over the last nine days of the month.

Of the 12 games not being broadcast by FSN, all but four are afternoon games. The four evening games are the fourth of July, the two Cardinals misses and the October 1 game against San Diego.

Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder will once again be the play by play and color guys, respectively. On occasion, B.A. will be replaced by Matt Lepay, just like last year.