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Brewers vs Angels: Game Thread #-30

Go Brewers!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Today is important. Today is one of the most important days of the year. Today is the day the Brewers, as a team, begin a journey to achieve a dream. Today is the day the Brewers gun to earn one of the highest honors they can.

Today is the day the Brewers begin their run for the Cactus Cup, arguably the most prestigious title in sports history. Nay, in world history.

And this Cactus League revolution will be televised. The Brewers first official spring training game -- the powers that be dictate playing a college team doesn't count towards the standings -- will be aired on Fox Sports Wisconsin and over the radio on WTMJ. For the first time in 158 days we can watch the Brewers play a live baseball game.

Here's the team's lineup today, featuring the first spring appearance for a newly cryotherapied Ryan Braun:

Braun will probably only see an at-bat or two before being removed. Similarly, Kyle Lohse will only likely pitch two innings, just as Mike Fiers did yesterday. Also scheduled to pitch today are Michael Blazek, Will Smith, Brandon Kintzler and Chris Perez.

Go Brewers!