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BCB Community Over/Unders: Carlos Gomez

After 2 years at superstar level, there's no more doubting the ability of Gomez.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT: You guys I forgot to put in the actual poll. It exists now.

Gomez was a top-5 player in baseball in 2013 and may have actually improved on his hitting in 2014. His advanced defensive metrics fell from "best in baseball" to merely "really really good", and coupled with the emergence of Jonathan Lucroy, was kept him out of MVP discussions. But here's a list of position players who have accumulated more Wins Above Replacement than Carlos Gomez in the past two seasons:

Mike Trout

Andrew McCutchen

Josh Donaldson

End of list

The Brewers front office is fair game for criticism, but Doug Melvin locking up Gomez for 3 years and 24 million was a franchise-altering move.

2013 590 .284 .338 .506 24.7 6.3 26.5 7.5
2014 644 .284 .356 .477 21.9 7.3 7.8 5.9
Steamer 633 .262 .323 .442 23.0 6.7 11.3 4.4
ZiPS 572 .277 .336 .482 22.6 6.1 10.1 5.0

On most of these I've qualified my pick with a few words. Here I'm all in on the OVER.