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New Era's "This is the cap" ad forgot about the Brewers' retro logo

Even if you think the retro logo is overrated, I think you have to admit it's the one that should be in this ad.

A few moments ago I checked my email and noticed this image in a message from, which many of you may have already seen:


Ad received via email on April 10

This is a pretty bizarre combination: An appeal to history based on a logo that came after nearly all of the history specifically mentioned.

The hat pictured above does not feature the logo or even the color scheme, for example, of the 1982 AL Championship team. None of the five Hall of Famers alluded to (Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Don Sutton, Rollie Fingers and Hank Aaron) ever wore this logo as a player, unless they put it on for a special appearance at Miller Park (where none of the five ever played). Yount and Fingers are also responsible for two of the three MVPs mentioned, with Ryan Braun wearing this cap while winning the third.

I've been outspoken at times over the years (perhaps too outspoken at times) regarding my belief that the retro logo is overused by this organization, but any appeal to history involving this team should likely feature its most historic and popular trademark, and this logo isn't it. If you think "this is the cap" that represents the majority of past accomplishments and proud moments in this franchise's history, then your knowledge of this team probably doesn't stretch far beyond the mid 2000's.