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The Brewers are:

This is not a happy article. This article will not please you. It might be best not to even look at this article.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
  • 30th in runs scored (30)
  • 30th in home runs (3)
  • 30th in RBI (28)
  • T-29th in stolen bases (2)
  • 29th in BB% (5.4%)
  • 29th in total walks (23)
  • 30th in ISO (.086)
  • 27th in batting average (.217)
  • 30th in OBP (.267)
  • 30th in SLG% (.303)
  • 30th (naturally) in wOBA (.253)
  • 30th in wRC+ (58)
  • 23rd in Fangraphs' baserunning stat (-0.7)
  • 29th in position player fWAR (-0.5)
  • 1st at swinging at pitches outside of the strike zone (37.6%)
  • T-21st at swinging at pitches inside the strike zone (63.4%)
  • T-3rd in swingin' away -- i.e. highest percentage of pitches swung at (49.8%)
  • 11th in swinging strikes (9.8%)
  • T-2nd in errors (12)
  • 29th in fielding percentage (.973)
  • 24th in double plays turned (16)
  • T-3rd in wild pitches (7)
  • 23rd in pitcher K/9 (7.18)
  • 9th in pitcher HR/9 (1.04)
  • 1st in pitcher BABIP (.325)
  • 30th in pitchers left-on-base percentage (64.1%)
  • 3rd in ERA (4.76)
  • 25th in pitcher fWAR (0.5)
  • T-2 in runs allowed (65)
  • 30th in run differential (-35)
  • 2nd in opponent batting average (.280)
  • 6th in WHIP (1.38)
  • 3rd in opponents line drive percentage (23.1%)
  • 1st in getting opponents to swing away (50.5%), but opponents are making contact over 80% of the time
  • T-5th in sac bunts (4)
  • T-26th (last) in sac flies (1)
  • 28th in percentage of plate appearances with a platoon advantage (37%)
  • 23rd in pitches seen per PA (3.72)
  • 1st in opponents extra base hit percentage (10.1%)
  • 1st in injuries sustained while showering

This is depressing so I'll stop there. You might be looking through this and thinking 'yeah, no duh they are bad, this is obvious we have watched baseball games what are you doing why do you make it hurt so bad'. Good point.

But it's interesting to see just how bad the Brewers have been in basically every facet of the game. You have to actually work to find something the Brewers have done well -- it's like you need a magnifying glass to go through Baseball-Reference and find out, oh, yup, they're the best in the league at hitting doubles on 1-2 knuckle balls from position players forced into a pitching role.

Actually, the Brewers have done a few things well, like their pitchers have been walking an exceptionally low number of batters. The problem with that, though, is it's hard to say that's a good thing because of all the hits they give up. A low number of walks is awesome, but not if it means they're just throwing meatballs over the plate. That''s bad when you can find a thing the Brewers do well and say 'Well, here's why it's not so great' so easily.

The Brewers have been bad this year, but not just bad. They've been the absolute worst in the league (or at least bottom-five) in a lot of very key things. That's including the two most important stats: They are 30th in wins and 1st in losses.

Milwaukee isn't this bad of a team. I still firmly believe that. But this start has been exceptionally rough, and it's crazy to see just how bad these first two weeks have been.