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Mark Attanasio: "I'm not looking at the manager or general manager"

The Brewers owner publicly seems unwilling to get rid of Ron Roenicke or Doug Melvin. Should he be, though?

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Edit: McCalvy has Attanasio's complete comments for full context.

Something's a-brewin' with the Brewers after a dreadful 2-12 start. Something big enough, that owner Mark Attanasio heading to Milwaukee to see the team is big news, as multiple reports have come in about his trip.

Attanasiso briefly talked to reporters and addressed the current situation, saying:

"I'm not looking at the manager or the general manager right now."

Hang on. Let me fix that quote to what I assume Attanasio meant:

"I'm not (publicly going to admit at the moment that we're) looking at the manager or the general manager right now."

Yeah, that seems more correct.

The Brewers have been -- and there's no other way to put this -- an absolute embarrassment to themselves this season, less than three weeks in. They are among the worst in the league in nearly every stat that matters. No. Seriously. They are really, really, really bad at everything. Even a 10-run offensive outburst Tuesday night saw them lose by six runs because that's how bad they have been. This is a team that, at the beginning of the season, most reasonable people said had at least a small chance of competing.

But look, the thing is, is Attanasio isn't a rich guy from making rash decisions, so he likely knows that it's a bit early in the season to panic and fire everyone. The Brewers won't be this bad all year. I say that like I'm convinced, but I guess it's worth noting that I was pretty convinced the Brewers were a .500 team or better this season and so far that hasn't worked out. I do think that the Brewers can still be good. Without being in the clubhouse, I think they need something to get them kickstarted.

Maybe that something is firing Ron Roenicke. If you've read this site often, you might know that I'm not the kind of person to call for a manager's head. At this point, though, it seems like something needs to happen and maybe a fresh face could do that. A 'change of scenery' with most of the same props.

Again, I'm not in the clubhouse. I need to make that abundantly clear because I don't know how the players on this team will react if a manager is fired. I assume they aren't resting on their laurels thinking 'welp, lost season, might as well work on my tan while in the outfield oh is that a ball coming my way well carlos will get it he usually does wait he's hurt crap crap crap'. This is why I'm usually against calling for a managerial firing for the sake of it. I have no idea what the clubhouse atmosphere is like or if that's the problem.

The Brewers are 2-12, though. There is still over 91% of the season left. I know this. Stretches like these, though, at the beginning of the season, my litmus test is usually "If this were happening in June, would we notice?". A 2-5 stretch, probably not so much. That happens to everyone. A 2-12 stretch, though? That's going to be noticed anytime of the year.

I know the Brewers could always come back to contention if they are actually a good team. If they want that, they might need a change, though. The biggest change would just be to play how we know they're capable of playing. Also getting healthy, now. That too.

Again, though, maybe the Brewers need to change something. Publicly, the Brewers have been very level-headed with their comments. There have been a lot of "Things are getting better"s and "We're encouraged by what we're seeing"s. What they need to be is upset. Actually upset. Scooter Gennett breaking his bat and getting thrown out UPSET. Chip-on-the-shoulder, embarrassed, feeling-like-they-need-to-prove-the-world-wrong upset.

Mark Attanasio isn't happy, and why should he be? Maybe him coming to Milwaukee to see the team will help change things more than hitting in their practice jerseys will.