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Brewers solid all around in victory: MIL 4, CIN 2

It was finally a pleasant game to watch for Brewers fans and wouldn't you know it? It wasn't on TV.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Brewers Starting Pitcher: Kyle Lohse
Opponent Starting Pitcher: Homer Bailey

Winning Pitcher: Kyle Lohse
Losing Pitcher: Kevin Gregg

SV: Francisco Rodriguez

HR: Adam Lind, Aramis Ramirez, Brandon Phillips

FanGraphs' WPA Chart

Well the Brewers finally won a game, just their third such game of the year. And you probably didn't see or hear it. It wasn't on TV and many of you were probably working anyway. Well if you did have to miss this one I'm sorry because it was a good one.

Kyle Lohse was particularly excellent. He was his normal self in this game going 7 innings allowing just 2 runs. He gave up a 2-run home run to Brandon Phillips in the fifth inning to give the Reds a temporary 2-1 lead. This was the first good start from Lohse all season giving us hope that he has righted the ship.

Another sight we haven't seen all year was an Aramis Ramirez home run. We still might not have technically saw the home run, but he he did indeed hit one. It was in the bottom of the fifth inning after Lohse had given up the lead so it was especially heartening.

The Brewers would retake the lead in the bottom of the seventh inning. Logan Schafer drew a 4-pitch walk. Martin Maldonado bunted him over and then a single from Jean Segura would plate the run.

The Reds would give some aid to the Brewers in the bottom of the eighth inning. Ryan Braun led off with a walk. Later Jason Rogers would hit a single in a pinch hit opportunity. With 2 outs Ryan Braun would make a break for third base. The throw was errant and Braun would make it all the way home giving the Brewers an important insurance run.

With a 4-2 lead the Brewers would hand the ball to Francisco Rodriguez for the save opportunity. There was no wild pitch this time. The Brewers won and improved their record to 3-13.

Outstanding Offensive Play

Clearly this goes to Aramis Ramirez for his first home run of the season. It wasn't the game winning run, but it was important to tie the game right after the Reds had just taken the lead on a home run of their own.

Outstanding Pitching Performance

I already mentioned Lohse's excellent start so I want to highlight Jonathan Broxton's outing. Just to look at his ERA you'd expect he's been horrible. That's neither entirely wrong nor entirely true. Before today's game he's only had 2 outings (out of 6) where he allowed a run but he allowed 2 and then 3 runs, both times on a home run. The rest of his outings have been scoreless and he's had a very strong K% thus far.

In today's game he pitched a clean eighth in striking out the side. He's not the guy he once was, but I think there is still hope he's a solid reliever. Maybe the velocity isn't entirely gone either:

Next Game:

Friday April 24, 7:10 pm CST: Matt Garza vs Carlos Martinez