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Brewers (4-15) @ Reds (8-10) series preview

The Brewers go into Cincinnati looking for revenge after dropping 3 out of 4 to the Reds in Miller Park.

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What a season. What a horrible season. Glad it's over and we can focus on the future. Wait, what? We're only three weeks in? Woof. It feels like WAAAAY longer. The Brewers are 4-15 but win number 4 did come in yesterday's game so maybe it's the start of a win streak. Hey, come folks. Don't cry. There's no crying in baseball...sniff.

The Reds are still not doing well either. They are in fourth place with a record of 8-10 which is sadly 4.5 games ahead of the Brewers. I still believe the Brewers are a better team but at this point that's probably a bad thing. Even I have a hard time seeing a way for the Brewers to squeak into a Wild Card spot and so if the Brewers do start playing like the team I think they are, it'll only mean a worse draft position. It's a weird spot to be in as a fan.

This Brewers team currently has at least 3 guys I think will hit 25+ home runs (even with Carlos Gomez on the DL) but to date they have combined for 9 home runs. That's baseball's worst mark tied with the Twins. I have a feeling Great American Ballpark is going to change that.

Of course it could increase some woes for the pitching staff. Kyle Lohse (1.99 HR/9) especially has been struggling with the long ball. And if Francisco Rodriguez has to come into the game with a 1 run lead I might have to change the channel for safety reasons.

Pitching Match-Ups

Monday April 27, 6:10 pm CST - Jimmy Nelson vs Jason Marquis

This should be a fun game. Jason Marquis is easily the Reds worst starter. The Brewers rocked him for 5 runs last time out and I don't expect the results to be much different. Marquis throws sinker, slider, change and none of them are very good.

I think Jimmy Nelson is my favorite Brewer right now. I was high on him before the season starter but even I didn't think he would get out to this kind of a start. Of course I also didn't believe he would actually throw a curve ball outside of Spring Training let alone a good curve. Yet here we are and he is easily the Brewers best pitcher so far. He has yet to allow a home run but that might change at GABP.

Tuesday April 28, 6:10 pm CST - Kyle Lohse vs Johnny Cueto

Lohse's best start was his last one. He went seven innings allowing just 2 runs (on a home run). That game was against the Reds. It looked like the Lohse of old which was encouraging. What isn't encouraging is the fact that he's allowed a home run in each of his starts this season. GABP park effects loom large.

Facing Johnny Cueto twice in a 7 day period is just not fair. The Brewers should log a formal complaint with the baseball gods.

Wednesday April 29, 11:35 pm CST - Matt Garza vs Mike Leake

Matt Garza has shown glimpses of mid-rotation starter the Brewers thought they were signing but he has yet to put it all together. This will be his first start against the Reds so hopefully their anemic offense will help him out. That is if he can keep the ball in the park which is something he failed to do in his last two starts.

Fortunately (or unfortunately if you're already thinking of the 2016 draft) Mike Leake hasn't been much better and he's struggled with home runs. He has a 1.63 HR/9. Hopefully the Brewers can make that look a little worse.

Statistics courtesy of FanGraphs