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Brewers 6, Reds 9: Riley Pint has a name fit for the Brewers

The Brewers lost to the Reds. I'm as shocked as you.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Win: Jason Marquis (2-1)
Loss: Jimmy Nelson (1-2)

HR: Jay Bruce (4)

Fangraphs Win Expectancy Graph

June, 2016 is still a long ways away but at the moment it's not looking like there's going to be a Stephen Strasburg or a Bryce Harper type player available. Right now, however, it looks like Riley Pint, a right-hander from St. Thomas Aquinas High School is the likely number one selection provided he doesn't show an overly strong desire to adhere to his commitment to LSU.

Pint apparently has a fantastic fastball as well as above-average secondary offerings, including a great knuckle-curve and changeup. He's 6'4", throws in the mid-90s and looks like a future ace if things work out for him. It's very possible Pint decides he wants to play college ball, but that's still a long ways away.

Would the Brewers draft a high school pitcher with their first round pick two years in a row though? Last year they took Kodi Medeiros out of Hawaii, then a three high school hitters within their next four picks. The Brewers also signed young infielder Gilbert Lara to the largest international bonus the team has ever given out. That's a lot of talent that's a long ways away. Maybe the Brewers would prefer to opt for a college arm, someone a little less risky who they could potentiall fast-track.

That said, if Pint is the consensus number one, declares for the draft and the talent is there, the Brewers would have to take him, right? I mean, the name, people. Pint. Brewers. Brewers. Pint. THIS WRITES ITSELF. HE CAN HAVE HIS FIRST (LEGAL) PINT OF BEER AS A BREWER.

Oh, anyway, the Brewers played a game today against the Reds. Milwaukee lost 9-6. Jimmy Nelson, after three strong starts, basically was terrible today. He couldn't find his spots at all and ended up giving seven runs (six earned) on six hits and five walks in just 2.1 innings. Logan Schafer, Gerardo Parra and Adam Lind all had two hits apiece, but the Brewers offense remained mostly stagnant until the ninth inning when they mounted a pretty decent rally but were too far behind for it to matter. Ryan Braun struck out in a pinch-hit at bat as the tying run with two runners on base. If this were 2011 or so, I'd have almost expected a home run. Now? I guess I kind of expect what happened.

The Brewers are now 4-16 and make the Reds look like the '27 Yankees, I guess. But Milwaukee is going to be so good or five years. Or maybe this year, yet. Or next year. Who knows? Right now, it just doesn't feel like it's coming soon. Long stretches of losing do that. There's always hope, though, whether it's this year or down the road.