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Brewers 8, Reds 3: Yet Another Example of the Mutability of Certain Fanhoods

The Brewers won! Ryan Braun did good stuff!

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Win: Matt Garza (2-3)
Loss: Michael Lorenzen (0-1)

HR: Adam Lind (4), Khris Davis (1), Ryan Braun 2 (4), Todd Frazier (6), Tucker Barnhart (1)

Fangraphs Win Expectancy Chart

There's a weird thing about fandom sometimes where the smallest sample sizes can really make you assured that a certain result is going to come to pass. Earlier this season, when the Brewers first showed that April was not going to be a good month, it's quick to jump on that train. To say, after a few early losses, that the Brewers will be garbage the rest of the year.

And, so, OK, it does kind of still look that way so maybe the people who jump on that thought-train so early are right. But a few games is not/was not enough to really decide that, no matter how they played.

Similarly, right now, I all of a sudden am back to feeling pretty good about Milwaukee. One good, strong win and I can see that the Brewers shouldn't be as bad as they were. And that, theoretically, they could break out finally and have that big hot streak and they'll do the opposite of 2014 and they'll wow everyone and a little bit down the line one of those really inspirational books will be written about the 2015 Brewers and then maybe finally a movie that will replace Mr. 3000 as THE Brewers movie.

One win, and somehow all that gets into my mind. I know it's irrational and all, and I can tell myself that, but it's like an intrusive thought that just kind of latches on to something in my brain and doesn't go away. I know one game doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things and the Brewers could still finish with a record-worst season and have an 8-3 win in there somewhere, but still.

Maybe I wouldn't feel so much that way if not for the way the Brewers won. Ryan Braun -- 2011 NL MVP, five-time All Star, the man who looked like he could surpass Robin Yount as the best Brewer ever -- finally had a great game. The right fielder went 3-5 with a solo home run in the fifth inning and a grand slam in the eighth. It's the kind of game everyone wanted (needed?) to see from him.

Braun had some good games early last year, too, though, so this obviously doesn't signal The Return of Braun or anything. Even the Yuniesky Betancourt's of the game have a nice day once in a while. It gives us a chance to think 'what if this is where he turns it around' and in a season like this it can be nice to have those thoughts for a fleeting bit.

The one issue with this game was that the Brewers won almost solely with home runs. Braun had two, Lind had one and Khris Davis khrushed one. It's a valid complaint that this team is too reliant on the long ball -- that they need to be hitting homers to win. They did today, and they won, but it's not the most sustainable way to build success. That they have started hitting home runs again might indicate a hot streak coming up, though. Or it might not. Baseball.

Matt Garza had a nice day today, giving up two earned on five hits and two walks over 6.2 innings.

The Brewers get their first look at the new and improved Cubs next, but have a day off Thursday first.