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A break-up letter with April

I got 99 problems and April was one.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

What happened, April? It seems like just last year, we were so happy together you and me. Like nothing could ever tear us apart. We were a team then, and life was good.

Somewhere along the line, though, you changed. I don't know, maybe we both changed. I don't mean to lie all the blame on you, but it's hard not to when things have gotten so bitter between us.

We keep trying to make this work, you and I. It feels like we're constantly getting back together, for better or worse. Lately, it only seems like worse. I always find myself excited when I find myself with you again, but also scared because I don't know which April I'm going to get. There are times we're together and the sun shone a little brighter. Other times, it seems like something came over you -- your face is shadowy and you're always looking at other teams and not paying attention to me and my needs. This time, I think you've gone too far.

I feel like you've turned our friends against me, as well. August was a great gal until you got to her, and September -- my best friend September -- actually picked a full fledged fight with me. It seemed to come out of nowhere, but through all that I thought you, April, had been there to support me. You were the light in the dark, the thing that kept me afloat. I know long-distance relationships can be difficult but when you were so far away the past winter the only thing that kept me warm was the thought of cozying up with you again.

When you came back, though, you were different. You seemed cold and distant. You only gave me the time of day, what, four times? You started spending more time with other teams. The Mets, and the Rockies. Teams you thought were outcasts previously. You even started hanging out with that chump, the Astros. You say he's changed for the better, I know, but I've seen his past and can't look past that. It feels dirty.

I didn't want to get upset, though. There has to be a certain amount of trust in relationships. I figured you just needed a little time to readjust to being back, but you never seemed like you were really into this. You had new teams to be with.

I know you tried a little harder at the end to make this work, but that doesn't change things. It was too little, too late. I think we need our space, which I guess will be easier since you're leaving town for a while again.

I'd like to say this is it for us, April, but knowing me I'll just fall back to you when you come back again. Maybe time really does cure all ills, maybe when you're back we'll both have matured and we can make this work again. We had that spark last year and it was magic. I just can't do this with you anymore right now. Maybe this is finally it between us.

So long April. I'm going to find a month I know will treat me better.

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