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Planning your life around the 2015 Brewers season

The 2015 baseball season begins tomorrow. Here are some details on how to plan out the next six months of your life.

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Tomorrow is Opening Day. If you haven't started planning your life for the next six months, now is the time to get those preparations taken care of. So, here is a handy little guide to help you get through the Brewers season.

Starting tomorrow, the Brewers will be playing on 162 of 182 days over the course of their schedule. Looking deeper at the schedule, here are some highlights from it:

  • There are 50 morning/afternoon games (start before 5:30 pm), 102 evening games (start between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm), and 6 late games (start after 8:30 pm).
  • The longest streak of consecutive games this season is 20 days (July 21 - August 9). This is also part of a streak of 29 games in 30 days (July 21 - August 19).
  • They also have streaks of games on 15 consecutive days (April 15 - 29), 17 consecutive days (June 5 - 21), and 16 consecutive days (June 23 - July 8). There's also a period of 33 games in 34 days (June 5 - July 8) and 26 games in 27 days (September 1 - 27).
  • For holidays at home this year, the Brewers will be playing on Memorial Day (May 25 vs. Giants) and Mother's Day (May 10 vs. Cubs) at Miller Park. The Fourth of July (July 4 @ Reds) and Labor Day (September 7 @ Marlins) are on the road.
  • The Brewers have a 10-game homestand (May 4 - 13) and an 11-game homestand (July 30 - August 9) this season. They also have a period of 17 home games in 21 days (July 30 - August 19).
  • On the other side, the Brewers have three road trips of nine games or more: A 10-game trip in May (May 15 - 24), a 9-game trip in June (June 1 - 10), and a 10-game trip in September (September 4 - 13).
  • For late-night game planning, the Brewers make a quick trip to the west coast before the All-Star Break (July 10 - 12), and then a longer trip later that month. (July 23 - 29). They also have a west coast road trip near the end of the season (September 30 - October 1).
  • Only one game will start before noon this season: An 11:35 am start against the Reds on April 29.

Let's take a look at the breakdown of games based on day of the week, to help you figure out the safest days for planning things to do that don't involve watching Brewers baseball.


Afternoon 4
Evening 13
Late 1
Off Days 8
Non-Televised 0

In the first half of the season, games on Monday will be a regular part of the schedule. The Brewers play on eleven consecutive Mondays to begin the year. However, after the first half of the season, it gets a bit friendlier. Eight of the final fifteen Mondays are off days.

One important reminder: The three home games in April and May will start at 6:20 pm instead of the traditional 7:10 pm start time. Make sure to plan for that or you'll turn on a game in the middle of the third inning.


Afternoon 0
Evening 22
Late 2
Off Days 2
Non-Televised 0

If you've been around before, you know the drill for Tuesdays. Brewers are playing almost every Tuesday night during the regular season. The only two exceptions are in the second week of the season for the Cardinals home opener, and during the All-Star Break. Plan to make Brewers baseball a normal part of your Tuesdays.


Morning/Afternoon 7
Evening 17
Late 1
Off Days 1
Non-Televised 2

Wednesdays are also a packed day again, but it's broken up a bit with some morning & afternoon games spread throughout the schedule, along with a few non-televised games. Hopefully it will give you a midweek boost to finish out the week strong.


Afternoon 6
Evening 10
Late 1
Off Days 9
Non-Televised 5

This is your day of the week to plan something else into your schedule. The Brewers don't play an evening game on a Thursday until the 7th week of the season. It's also the weekday with the fewest evening games and the most non-televised games, giving you a little break before a weekend full of baseball.


Afternoon 1
Evening 23
Late 2
Off Days 0
Non-Televised 0

As usual, Fridays are a packed day for the Brewers. The one break in the evening schedule of games is a Cubs game at Wrigley Field in early May. If you're planning to go out on Fridays, plan to hit the sports bars (or at least places with a TV).


Afternoon 8
Evening 17
Late 1
Off Days 0
Non-Televised 0

No breaks for you on the weekend. It's just as packed with Brewers games as Friday is. Your evenings will be a little more free for about six weeks in May and June, as the Brewers will switch to an afternoon schedule for those weeks. After that, it's back to evening games for most of the remainder of the season.

Also, for the televised games, four games on Saturdays will only be on Fox Sports 1. If you're like me and your TV package doesn't have that channel, you will have to make special arrangements to watch those games.


Afternoon 26
Evening 0
Late 0
Off Days 0
Non-Televised 0

Your Sundays are simple as well: Afternoons are for the Brewers. Break out the grill and listen to Uecker while cooking some brats. If there are chores to do, have the game on in the background. Whatever your weekend plans are, find a way to mix the Brewers in.

That's what the 2015 Brewers season is looking like. For many of you that have been around for years, none of this is a surprise. Hopefully this will give you the information you need to schedule time to watch the Brewers into your life. We have six months of baseball ahead of us. Let's enjoy as much of it as we can.