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Worst game of the entire season: COL 10, MIL 0

I haven't seen something this horrible since the 1998 Godzilla movie with Matthew Broderick. Kyle Lohse tied his earned run high (8) for a game in 4.1 innings. Um...can we get a do-over?

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Brewers Starting PItcher: Kyle Lohse
Rockies Starting Pitcher: Kyle Kendrick

Winning Pitcher: Kyle Kendrick
Losing Pitcher: Kyle Lohse

HR: Corey Dickerson (1), Nolan Arenado (1)

FanGraphs' WPA Chart

Inauspicious is the word I would choose to describe the start of the season for the Brewers. After three doubles and a home run off of Kyle Lohse in the first inning the Rockies found themselves with a nice 4-0 lead. They would add two more in the third with another double and a home run giving themselves six unearned run. The seventh Rockies run would drive Lohse from the game after 73 pitches and 4.1 innings. Michael Blazek would allow an inherited runner to score giving Lohse eight earned runs for the day. It's going to take a good long while to whittle that ERA down to a respectable number.

On the flip side Kyle Kendrick was sparkling. He threw seven shutout innings allowing 7 hits while striking out 6 and walking no one.

In the end the Brewers would lose  to the Rockies by a score of 10-0.

Just keep telling yourself, "It's just one game. It's just one game. It's just one game..." *sobs quietly*

In all seriousness though, it really is just one game. We shouldn't overreact to it. One game doesn't rewrite history. It doesn't erase a player's skill or potential. It's not like Jonathan Lucroy has suddenly forgotten how to catch, Carlos Gomez how to hit, and Kyle Lohse how to pitch. This game sucked. But I'm not ready to declare the season over just yet.

Let's just watch the Badgers game tonight, have some fun, maybe a beer if you're old enough, and forget all about this game.

Outstanding Offensive Play

...sigh. I guess Adam Lind did go 3-4.

Outstanding Defensive Play

In the second inning Adam Lind showed good twitch reaction skills and situational awareness when he stabbed a sharp grounder, tagged first base for what was the second out of the inning, and threw to home in time to complete the inning ending double play. Lind showed good feet work and nice glove work. It was nice to see from the Brewers new first baseman.

Outstanding Pitching Performance

The whole bullpen was pretty solid in relief of Lohse but I'll go with Neal Cotts. After struggling in a whopping eight whole innings during Spring Training, Cotts logged a 1-2-3 inning in the sixth. All were ground outs. He returned in the seventh inning facing 4 batters. He allowed a hit and struck out three.

Next Game:
Tuesday, April 7th - 7:10 pm CST Matt Garza vs Jordan Lyles