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Brewers 2, Rockies 5: Everything is going to be alright, eventually

The Brewers lost again, but losing two games in a row is not unusual. It's just the timing that makes it look bad.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Win: Jordan Lyles (1-0)
Loss: Matt Garza (0-1)
Save: LaTroy Hawkins (1)

HR: None

Fangraphs WPA Chart

*Deep breath*



The Brewers lost again, but this time cut the number of runs the Rockies scored in half while actually managing to plate two runs of their own. That's OK. The Brewers losing two games in a row is OK because that is bound to happen at some point over the course of a season. If the Brewers lost 10-0, 5-2 in two straight games in June nobody would bat an eye.

It's just magnified a bit now because it is the first two games of the season. It's a time when a lot of people will tune in who maybe only watch a few games a year, and those are the people who will have the reactionary 'Season is over already' tweets and actually mean them and will go back to wondering at which restaurant Aaron Rodgers is eating.

It's magnified because nobody can predict how well the Brewers will do this season. Any reasonable person can see that they could be a really good team, or they could be one of the worst teams. It's a weird situation to be in, and the most likely outcome is something in between. But the early returns will mean a lot to people because, well, it's the first results we have in an extremely unpredictable season.

But it's important to try not to overreact to two games and a minor injury to Ryan Braun that has nothing to do with his thumb. The Brewers will win a game, maybe tomorrow, and will win a lot more games over the year. At least 59 more, probably, in fact. That's a lot of wins. Not a high percentage of wins, but a lot of wins.

The Brewers lost, and Matt Garza followed up Kyle Lohse with a poor pitching performance of his own. Garza lasted five innings on 81 pitches, allowing four earned runs on eight hits and a walk. That's not ideal, obviously. Garza and Lohse are expected to be the veteran leaders in an otherwise relatively inexperienced starting rotation and neither one impressed in their season debuts. Pitchers often take longer to get back into game shape than batters, so it's possible if not likely that the two will improve drastically soon and that these starts are just outliers. There's little reason to expect a giant drop-off in production from either pitcher so, like with the team as a whole, we just have to avoid over-reacting to the earliest results.

More importantly, really over anything else, is that Jean Segura stayed in the game after being struck in the face by a Jordan Lyle pitch. Segura dropped to the ground and didn't move at first as medical attention was called and it just really did not look ideal at all. But after a few minutes, the Brewers left Segura in the game which, oh man thank goodness. Segura had a real tough 2014 and is being looked at as a big bounce-back candidate in 2015. He had his cage rattled, to be sure, but looks to be fine moving forward.

Also good: The Brewers actually scored! In the fifth inning, the team loaded the bases with no outs as Gerardo Parra doubled, Segura was almost killed, and Scooter Gennett singled. A Logan Schafer double-play -- Schafer pinch-hit for Garza (Yes, Logan Schafer was the first man off the bench to pinch-hit [oh god that is not great]) -- and grounded into a double-play to plate Parra for run number one of the season. In a way it seems fitting that the first run of the year scored on a double-play. Yeesh.

Carlos Gomez followed that up with a double, which scored Segura. That's a nicer way to score. A more aesthetically pleasing way to get a run in.

Offensively, Adam Lind and Segura were the only players to reach base twice for Milwaukee. Segura on a single and hit by pitch and Lind on a double and a walk. Lind is now 4-7 with a walk as a Brewer, a good way to start his time as the team's new first baseman.

The Brewers and Rockies will finish their opening series tomorrow as Wily Peralta starts against Eddie Butler. First pitch is slated for 7:10 CT.