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No Brewers listed in National League All Star voting update

Major League Baseball released a voting update for the NL All Star squad, with no Brewers listed at the top of their position.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball released an update today on voting totals to elect the starting line-up at the All Star game for the National League. Surprise, surprise: The MLB-worst Brewers do not have a single player named in the top-5 of the position (top-15 for outfield).

Of course, the Brewers have missed two of their most likely All Star candidates for long periods this season. Catcher Jonathan Lucroy has played in just 12 games this year due to a broken toe while Carlos Gomez was on the DL for a spell because of an injured hamstring. Injuries hurt Milwaukee's chances of having an All Star starter, but a team also doesn't get to the worst record in baseball without having a whole bunch of people struggle, too.

Also, you have to factor in that All Star voting right now is all fan-based and the Brewers' most worthy player for an All Star bid is, well, not exactly beloved by many fans. After a slow start, Ryan Braun is up to a .271/.347/.542 line with 12 home runs. He's been on fire of late but it would be hard to convince many non-Brewers fans to vote for him.

Other than Braun, it's hard to make a case for other Brewers position players as All Stars. Adam Lind has hit well, but first base is loaded with players who have hit better. Lind has just the ninth-best wOBA at 1B in the National League. Gomez doesn't have the numbers after a slow start. Outside of Lind and Braun, no full-time Brewers player has an OPS higher than .763.

All Star voting only partly has to do with merit, though. Many vote for every player on his/her team regardless of whether they actually deserve it. Such is the fault with fan voting. Brewers fans have been exceptional in the past at voting on things that don't matter, but a horrible start may have turned most of those would-be voters off already.

There's still plenty of time left to vote, but odds are the Brewers won't come close to sniffing a starting spot in the All Star game. It's just not their year, this time.