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Brewers outright Rob Wooten; 40-man roster now at 38

Teams usually wait to outright players until their hand is forced. No such reason is known to the public so this move is somewhat strange to see. Could this have something to do with needing a starter for Monday?

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The move hadn't yet been announced by the club when always eagle-eyed Jim Goulart pointed out on Twitter the Brewers transaction page shows the team had out-righted reliever Rob Wooten. The news has since been made official.

Rob Wooten was always going to be near the bottom of the relief depth chart and this year he has struggled more than in the past. He's spent most of this season in AAA. There he's logged 11.2 IP with a 6.94 ERA and 7.66 FIP.

In 6 innings with the major league club he had a 12.00 ERA, 6.79 FIP, and 5.78 xFIP. Though he was likely only optioned after a long outing and a need for fresh arms forced the move. I still think he's a decent pitcher and I wouldn't be surprised to see him back at the major league level at some point.

Given his performance so far this year the move itself is not altogether surprising. The timing of it, though, is strange. Usually this type of drastic move (They risk losing an asset after all which is not something to be taken lightly regardless the level of talent) is only made when a team's hand is forced. But the Brewers aren't going to be trading for anyone right now. At least it doesn't seem likely. And even if they were to bring in someone (Eric Stults?), their 40-man roster had an open spot before the move was made.

I have to wonder if perhaps the Brewers are going to add one of their minor leaguers to the 40-man roster. The first player to come to mind is Tyler Cravy (Goulart had the same thought). Cravy just pitched on Wednesday so Monday would be his regular day to start. That's the day the Brewers are looking to a starter to fill in for Wily Peralta.

Taylor Jungmann is starting tonight so he won't be ready to pitch again until Tuesday. So it's not him. Tyler Thornburg could still be in the mix. He last pitched on Sunday. His next will come tomorrow. So if he makes that start we can rule him out. There really isn't another in-house option.

I'm not definitely saying that Tyler Cravy is going to get the call for Monday, but it seems pretty likely at this point. It would at least partially explain the odd timing of the Wooten outrighting. We should find out soon enough. The Brewers always wait to inform the player before informing the public. So maybe we'll learn tomorrow morning, if they're waiting until tonight's Sky Sox game is over?