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Jean Segura feels 'pretty good' after being hit in head by pitch

Segura left the game and remained in Chicago for more testing as the rest of the team travelled back to Milwaukee.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Though the Brewers achieved their first series win on Sunday, it almost came at a big cost. In the top of the eighth inning -- right before the team broke a 3-3 tie -- shortstop Jean Segura was hit in the head by a Pedro Strop fastball.

That might not sound dangerous enough but think about it for a second. Jean Segura was struck in the head by a 95 mile per hour Pedro Strop fastball. 95 MPH. On a pitch that Cubs catcher Miguel Montero thought broke Segura's helmet. Here, you can watch the video if you'd like:

The really, really, really good news is that Segura is, for all intents and purposes, OK. After lying on the ground for a few minutes, Segura got up and walked to first base before being removed from the game. Following the Brewers win, Segura told Adam McCalvy of that he felt 'pretty good' following being hit.

That doesn't mean Segura isn't going to undergo more tests by doctors, because he stayed behind while the team left for Milwaukee for that express reason. That will include standard concussion tests. For now, though, it appears Segura has escaped potentially terrifying injuries twice. He was also struck on the brim of the helmet by a pitch in the Brewers second game of the season, against the Rockies.

It's a good thing Segura ducked. Watch that video; Segura was squared up to bunt when the pitch came in, but lowered his head just before being hit so that it got him basically right on the Brewers' logo. Slightly lower reflexes, and it looks like the pitch was heading right towards the bridge of his nose.

It seems very possible Segura will miss at least a day or two, even if it's just to recover mentally so that he doesn't feel he needs to be tentative at the plate. However, the Brewers have not given any information to that effect, so we'll have to wait and see if he's in the lineup tomorrow against the Dodgers.