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Ryan Braun 'very surprised' by Brewers firing Ron Roenicke

The 2011 NL MVP and Brewers right fielder also doesn't think there's a better fit to be manager than Craig Counsell.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the Brewers' series opener against the Dodgers on Monday, right fielder Ryan Braun took the time to answer a few questions from reporters about the team firing Ron Roenicke and hiring Craig Counsell to replace him as manager.

If Braun is to be believed, the news seems to have come as a shock to the clubhouse as he was 'very surprised' by the team letting Roenicke go from his duties, according to Andrew Gruman.

Said Braun about Roenicke according to a pair of tweets from Todd Rosiak:

"I feel terrible for [Roenicke]. He's a great guy, great human being. I thought he was a great manager. I think the accountability, the responsibility for us losing falls on us. Each of us needs to do his job better."

Of course, that doesn't mean Braun doesn't appear to fully support Counsell as the new manager, saying (12):

"I couldn't imagine them bringing in somebody that would be a better fit. If there's anybody that is Milwaukee Brewers baseball aside from Bob Uecker, it's [Counsell]."

Braun, who is one of eight current players who are former teammates of Counsell's, also said that the former Brewers utility man was one of the best leaders Braun had ever played with.

Roenicke seems to have been well-liked by players if the initial reactions are anything to go by. However, there has been nothing but praise from all fronts for the hiring of Craig Counsell to fill the position. Counsell is inheriting a tough position with the team at a 7-18 record, but seems to have the support of players as well as management as he begins his managerial career.