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2015 MLB Draft Thread: Day 3 (Rounds 11-40)

Today will complete the MLB Draft as teams make their final 30 selections.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Hello everyone. If you're here you're either bored (me) or really obsessed with the draft (also me). Today is the last day of the draft and it's not as important or exciting as the first two days. That's because today is different than the first two days of the draft for a few different reasons.

The first ten rounds have a dollar amount attached to each slot. The total of every slot value is added together and that's essentially what a team has to spend on their total draft.However picks from rounds 11-40 don't have a value attached. Teams can sign players taken in those rounds for up to $100,000 without it counting towards their total allotment. If they go over, only the amount after the first $100,000 counts towards their allotment.

Today is mostly the org-filler day. With 30 rounds left the Brewers will take a ton of senior signs (players with no leverage) and players that are long shots to make the majors who will sign for pennies. Each franchise has to fill their minor league teams with players and they can't all be stars. The Brewers alone have 7 minor league teams to fill up.

That doesn't mean every player taken today will be destined to wallow in the minors his whole career. Jason Rogers was a 32nd round pick. Mike Fiers was a 22nd round pick. Scooter Gennett was a 16th round pick. Finding a diamond in the rough isn't the only thing teams are looking for today.

A lot of times draft prospects will slide to these later rounds for signability reasons. They might be asking for a lot of money or they might have commitments to certain colleges and universities that will require a lot of money for them to forego. Almost all of those kids will get drafted today.

Recall those slot values from rounds 1-10 I mentioned above. A team doesn't have to spend the entire slot value on the player they took with that pick. So if a team signs all those guys and has money left over they can spend it elsewhere. Teams are hoping they'll be able to save enough to get one of those signability guys today.

MLB Pipeline has an article talking about some of this stuff and includes a list of the top draft prospects left on the board. You can read that article here. Baseball America has a similar article for free here. Check them out and let's cross our fingers the Brewers have the chance to grab one.

Jordan Yamamoto is an example of an overslot sign from last year. The Brewers drafted him in the 12th round and gave him $330,000. He's a pitcher from Hawaii that defeated first round pick Kodi Medeiros in a tournament game last year. He's got less upside, but a more traditional build which scouts think gives him a higher probability of starting. He's currently ranked as the Brewers 30th best prospect by MLB Pipeline which is pretty solid considering he's pretty young and still quite inexperienced.

The draft starts at 11:00 am CST and picks will be streamed on but there won't be hosts like the first two days. Picks go a lot faster and it's just an audio stream. We'll post the player information here when the Brewers make their picks.