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Brewers trade rumors: Milwaukee has had preliminary talks with Mets per report

Jean Segura and Aramis Ramirez both make sense for the Mets.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Edit: There maaaay be an offer proposed by the Brewers for an Aramis Ramirez deal, if I'm reading into this correctly:


Thanks to the Phillies, the Brewers are no longer the worst team in the major leagues. However, the team's 22-37 record over a third of the way through the season puts them in prime position to trade away assets for pieces that will provide a better opportunity to compete in future years.

The Mets, meanwhile, are tied for first in the NL East with the Nationals. However, they are 16-22 over their last 38 games and 4-7 over their last 11. The Mets have a strong pitching staff, particularly in the bullpen this year, but have scored the third-fewest runs in the National League. Only the Brewers and Phillies (again, the two worst records in the league this year) have scored fewer.

So, this makes some good sense, then: The Brewers and Mets have had preliminary trade discussions, according to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports. Morosi says New York is interested in Milwaukee's position players. Again: Makes sense.

The obvious trade candidates would be Jean Segura and Aramis Ramirez. First baseman Lucas Duda has been the only offensive force in the Mets' lineup, so they wouldn't need Adam Lind. Jonathan Lucroy isn't going anywhere and the Mets don't need a long-term catcher with Travis d'Arnaud around when healthy. Carlos Gomez is better than any of the Mets outfielders, but the Mets won't want to pay what he would cost to have him replace Michael Cuddyer, Juan Lagares or Curtis Granderson.

So that leaves, realistically, Segura and Ramirez, about whom it's already been reported the Mets have an interest.

Ramirez would be a good fit as someone who could take over for the injured David Wright with no long term commitment attached. Segura would give the Mets their first decent shortstop since Jose Reyes left in free agency.

Ramirez would bring in the (much) smaller return of the two. Honestly, the Brewers might be (and maybe should be) willing to deal him just to clear what salary is left on his contract. He's been hitting just .213/.257/.390 this year with seven homers. Ramirez plans on retiring after this year and has never played in a World Series (since he's only played for the Pirates, Cubs and Brewers). Trading him to a contender will at least give him a chance to potentially cross that off his list.

But that batting line is not doing anyone any favors. That said, Eric Campbell -- the in-house replacement for Wright so far -- has been even worse with a .598 OPS in 2015. It's also worth noting Ramirez is a notoriously slow starter, though not quite this slow. It may be worth it to the Brewers to wait a little longer on him to hope he picks it back up as he usually does in June to help increase his value a little.

Segura is more interesting. Depending on what you think Carlos Gomez's chances of being traded are, Segura is probably the most available Brewer that would actually bring in something of strong value. He had a very bad sophomore campaign after a real nice rookie season and, after a small rough stretch, is back to hitting well again in 2015. Segura has a .287/.322/.408 line this year, which is about in line with what should be expected of him. He's not going to hit for power pretty much ever, but his very good speed helps make up for that.

Of qualified shortstops in MLB, Segura's .316 wOBA ranks eighth-best. He's also just 25 years old and is under team control through 2018 -- another three+ years. The Brewers certainly don't have to move him, though he is about to enter his arbitration years and could bring in a good haul.

The Brewers do have some good prospects coming up at shortstop, most notably Orlando Arcia. Arcia has been absolutely tearing it up in Double-A and could be excellent in the majors in a few years. Could be. Jean Segura is good right now and is a more known quantity. Eventually Arcia is going to need at least a chance in the majors, though, which means Segura will likely need to try a new position or be dealt. He may be close to the high-point in trade value right now unless he really turns it on in future years.

The Mets have a strong farm system, but it's pretty tough to say what Milwaukee would get for him. There isn't a ton of past history for similar shortstops being traded. Jed Lowrie brought the Astros Chris Carter, Brad Peacock and Max Stassi in June 2013, but that's not a perfect comparison.

The Brewers certainly wouldn't be getting anyone like Noah Syndergaard or Steven Matz back. The Brewers often want Major League-ready players in trades (though this is maybe a different situation), but I'm not sure Segura would be worth someone like Jacob deGrom -- or if the Mets would want to trade someone who has been such a valuable part of the team this year. It's tricky, because Segura is very hard to value at this point.

But, hey, the two sides have only had initial talks so we don't really need to get too far ahead of ourselves. The Brewers and Mets seem like they could match up well in a deal, but the price always needs to be right for both sides.