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Watch Brewers draft picks compete in the College World Series

The Brewers will have three of their top 10 draft picks playing the College World Series this year.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Normally you'd have to wait a few years to see a recent draft pick compete on your television. This year some of the more notable Brewers draft picks will be competing in the College World Series. That means you'll have a chance to catch them in action on ESPN. Games start this weekend.

The Brewers second pick of the 2015 was left-handed pitcher Nathan Kirby out of Virginia. He had a chance to go in the top 10 overall picks before getting sidelined with a lat strain. Well now he's healthy enough to pitch and his team opens the CWS. He won't start, but he will be available out of the bullpen and I'm sure they'll get him out for an inning at some point. Virginia plays tomorrow (Saturday June 12th) at 2 pm CST on ESPN.

In the sixth round the Brewers selected right-handed pitcher Eric Hanhold. There's a good chance the Brewers convert him to starting but for Florida he is a reliever. As a reliever there is no guarantee he will make an appearance. I don't know what role he serves out of their pen either so I have no idea when he might come into the game.

In the seventh round the Brewers selected George Iskenderian. He plays the infield for the University of Miami. I think he is their second baseman but the Brewers drafted him as a third baseman. He doesn't hit for power but he did win the ACC regular season batting title.

In a fun quirk of fate, Miami and Florida face off against each other in their first game of the CWS. That game takes place tomorrow night at 7 pm. So it's possible there could be a match-up between future teammates Hanhold and Iskenderian.

There are 12 games in the tournament before the final best of 3 championship series. The championship series starts on June 22 and ends either on the 23rd or 24th if it goes the full 3 games. You can view the full schedule here. Only the first set of games is determined right now.

I imagine the Brewers aren't going to talk to these 3 players until their games are done as a courtesy. So it could take that long before they sign their contracts. Or not, I'm just guessing. The Brewers two rookie leagues start their season on the 18th (Helena) and the 20th (AZL Brewers) so it's possible these 3 will get a late start, but that's not all that uncommon.