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What's the best starting lineup you can make with your Brewers bobbleheads?

Based on just the Brewers bobbleheads you own right now, what is the best lineup you can make?

Marc Serota/Getty Images

First of all, I'll start with some full disclosure here. This isn't my original idea. The whole thing started over the weekend, when a random Twitter conversation with Curt Hogg on lineups we can make with our bobbleheads. So, I decided to run with the idea and transform it into a post here on BCB.

Here's how this will work. Using ONLY bobbleheads of Brewers that you have, construct the best possible lineup you can. It doesn't matter how you acquired the bobblehead, just that you actually own it. It can be a small bobblehead (like the ones they gave out years ago), or a "full-size" one. Fill in as many spots as you can. You can be flexible on the positions, but try to keep the players at positions that they have actually played.

Here's the best lineup I could come up with, based just on my bobbleheads.

The Starting Lineup

#1: Corey Hart, CF
#2: Jonathan Lucroy, C
#3: Ryan Braun, LF
#4: Prince Fielder, 1B
#5: Don Money, 3B
#6: J.J. Hardy, SS
#7: Rob Deer, RF
#8: Zack Greinke, P
#9: Craig Counsell, 2B

Some of this fell into place by default, while other positions required some thinking. Here's my thought process on a lot of this.

First of all, I had to pick the nine players to put into the lineup. I didn't have a lot of choices, so some of that filled in because it was the only choice. Prince Fielder was the only first baseman I had (besides Corey Hart, but we'll come back to that in a second), so he was in the lineup. I only had three outfielders, so all three of them needed to take a position, and one had to take center field since none naturally played the position (Corey Hart got the nod since he had the most innings in CF of the three choices). The only position battles I had were for catcher (Jonathan Lucroy vs. Damian Miller vs. Ted Simmons), shortstop (J.J. Hardy vs. Jean Segura) and the starting pitcher (Zack Greinke vs. the rest of the rotation below). These were harder choices, but I went with what I felt was the best choice for each position.

Then, I had to decide the batting order. Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder felt like a natural fit at #3 and #4, so that's where it started. Corey Hart got the leadoff nod as the player with the most "speed" (at least in his better days), and Jonathan Lucroy went behind him to give him some protection. It was clear that Zack Greinke and Craig Counsell were going in at the end, so that left the 5-7 spots open. Don Money took the #5 spot since he had the best bat of the remaining three, then J.J. Hardy fit in after Money, with Rob Deer rounding it out at #7. I then mixed it up a little, putting Greinke eighth and Counsell ninth. Counsell ending up in the ninth spot is a little ironic considering he like to bat pitchers eighth, but it's actually a good move. Counsell doesn't have a good batting average but does have a good OBP, so putting him there gives extra chances for a runner to be on when Hart and Lucroy come to the plate.

Bonus Selections

These guys didn't make the starting lineup, but still deserve to be mentioned.

#2 Pitcher: CC Sabathia
#3 Pitcher: Ben Sheets
#4 Pitcher: Chris Capuano
#5 Pitcher: Wily Peralta

That's one of the best rotations you can get in Brewers history. You've got a trio of aces at the top with Zack Greinke, CC Sabathia, and Ben Sheets, all of which were important in getting the Brewers to their first playoff appearances in a few decades. Plus, there's still Chris Capuano and Wily Peralta to round out the rotation, and not many people will complain about that as the back end of the rotation.

7th Inning Setup: Jim Henderson
8th Inning Setup: John Axford
Closer: Trevor Hoffman

It may not be some of the classic relievers, but each had a good year or two for the Brewers. Plus, you can't go wrong with a Hall of Fame guy in the closer role. You can't do much better than that.

Mascot: Barrel Man

The Brewers do at least one mascot bobblehead a year, but I've only received two of them. Since Chorizo can't hold up the mascot spot by himself, Barrel Man gets the nod.

That's my lineup based on my bobbleheads. What's your lineup? Post yours in the comments below.