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Carlos Gomez back in the lineup for the Brewers Tuesday against the Mets

The Brewers have been missing Gomez for most of the last 10 days as he's dealt with a hip injury.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Gomez is back in the Brewers lineup on Tuesday after spending much of the past 10 days shelved with a hip injury.

The Brewers have gotten just one game out of Gomez since June 14. He was able to DH against the Royals on the 17th and went 2-4 with a double and a run scored. There had been some consideration to placing Gomez on the disabled list, but the Brewers instead were able to weather the time he needed to rest and kept him on the active roster. A DL stint would have required him being out into July.

Running was apparently the biggest issue for the Brewers' center fielder. He was able to run the bases before Sunday's game, however, and got an extra day of rest with the off-day Monday.

Getting Gomez back in the lineup is helpful for the Brewers if they hope to trade him before this year's deadline. Proving he is healthy will certainly help show other team's that acquiring him for a stretch run is worthwhile. Of course, the Brewers would also want to be sure he's healthy themselves because if he re-aggravates his hip and misses more time it could prove disastrous to any trade talks.

It's also nice just to have him back in the lineup because he's fun to watch play the game. The 2015 Brewers have not been very fun to watch, so any little bit to help on that front is nice.