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2015 MLB Draft Thread: Day 2 (Rounds 3-10)

Day 2 of the MLB Draft covers rounds 3-10. The draft proper starts at 12:00 pm CST.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Yesterday the Brewers had 3 selections. They took high school outfielder Trenton Clark with their first pick (15 overall), college LHP Nathan Kirby (40th overall), and college RHP Cody Ponce (55th overall). Today they will have 8 picks in rounds 3 through 10.  Coverage will be streamed on

There aren't a lot of big names left on the board after the first 75 picks. But there are a handful. Baseball America has a list of the 10 best that are left. You can read it here. Two names that jump out at me are Michael Matuella and Demi Orimoloye.

Michael Matuella is a pitcher that at one time was thought to be a potential first overall pick in this year's draft. Then he had to have Tommy John surgery. He's also had back problems in the past and missed a lot of time. He hasn't been able to pitch much in the last 3 years but when he has he's shown a lot of potential. He's a college junior and there's a good chance he won't be able to pitch in college next year due to his TJ recovery time table. Next year's draft is supposed to be stronger than this year's class. So Matuella doesn't have a lot of leverage if he gets drafted today.

It's still possible he'd turn down a lowball offer and the Brewers third round pick only has a value of $646,300. The Brewers first three picks don't strike be as underslot signs and might even cost marginally overslot. So I doubt they're saving any money that way which would make giving overslot money to Matuella that much more difficult. It is still possible they could bargain shop in rounds 4-10 and be able to present him a real offer. But he might not be there when they pick at 90th overall and they might not want to risk it.

The other name I found interesting was Demi Orimoloye. He's a toolsy high school outfielder and two sport athlete who is a little rough around the edges. He sounds quite similar, in broad strokes, to Tyrone Taylor and Monte Harrison. He's also Canadian. You can get much more like a quintessential Doug Melvin pick than that!

Honestly though, I have no idea who the Brewers might take. No one in the world does. But that's why it's fun to find out.