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Brewers select Demi Orimoloye with fourth round pick in 2015 MLB draft

Orimoloye is one of the most talented players in the draft as far as raw tools, but he has some rough edges to work on.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

With their fourth-round pick in the 2015 MLB draft -- number 121 overall -- the Brewers have selected Demi Orimoloye, a high school outfielder from Ontario, Canada.

Orimoloye -- who already stands at 6'4" and 220 lbs -- has been highly-regarded for his physical tools and was considered to be one of the best power bats in the draft. He hasn't played baseball for long, so he'll definitely have some polishing up to do, but he apparently has natural instincts that make him a more advanced player than one would expect. His talent alone had him as a potential first-round pick in some circles.

Along with his power, Orimoloye has been praised for his above-average speed, which could make him a very, very dangerous player. In fact, that combination prompted one American League scout to say about him: "It was like watching Bo Jackson again ... A rare athlete on a baseball field." Which, ohmygodohmygodohmygod. That same scout also said:

"There's real baseball in him ... By that, I mean, he recognizes pitches very well. You'll see him check on good breaking balls. You'll see him make adjustments in game. If there's a weakness in his game right now, it's his defense. The routes he takes on flyballs need work and his arm is not great but it is developing. But I expect to him to improve. There are a lot of super athletes who come along, but a lot of times, they're just so raw. Not Demi."

While Brewers' first round pick Trent Clark projects to be a future left fielder with an outside shot at center field, Orimoloye looks like he should complement him in right field. He says he tries to model himself after Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, but has also drawn comparisons to Justin Upton and Yasiel Puig.

Orimoloye has committed to Oregon, but you can bet the Brewers are going to make a big push to get him signed. Indications are that he's not going to be a tough-sign, though.

He was ranked the 39th-best prospect available in this draft by Baseball America while Minor League Ball had him at number 64.

Orimoloye is going to need some time to develop, but all the raw tools are there and then some. Though he seemed lost a couple of years ago, he's worked to really grow as a hitter. There's still work to do, and no guarantee of course, but boy does he look like an exciting prospect. He also goes along with hyper-athletic, but somewhat raw, players like Monte Harrison, Troy Stokes, and Clark that the Brewers have taken the past two years.

Though his family moved to Canada when he was three years old, Orimoloye was originally born in Nigeria. That makes him a good candidate to be the first ever African-born player to make the major leagues.