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Brewers 7, Dodgers 1: Jungmann, there's no need to feel down

Taylor Jungmann keeps being great, needing 100 pitches to throw a complete game against the Dodgers.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Win: Jungmann (4-1)
Loss: Beachy (0-1)

HR: Parra (9)


It's been a long time since Brandon Beachy started in the MLB -- his last appearance was August 20, 2013. He made just 5 starts that year after making 13 starts in 2012 following a breakout 2011 campaign. Unfortunately, two Tommy John surgeries robbed him of nearly two full years.

This past off-season, there were some -- me included -- who wanted the Brewers to take a flier on Beachy as pitching depth. The Dodgers actually did do that, and the first returns were up and down. The Brewers failed to score after getting three baserunners in the first two innings, but they made the third inning count: A Taylor Jungmann single, Ryan Braun ground-rule double, and Adam Lind intentional walk set the table for a Carlos Gomez double that plated three runs.

Beachy ended up pitching four innings and allowing those three runs on five hits and three walks.

Meanwhile, holy crap Taylor Jungmann you guys. A complete game, allowing three hits and two walks while striking out seven batters on a pretty good Dodgers team? Jungmann is crushing his first shot at the major leagues. Seven starts, and he's now posted a 2.15 ERA. Jungmann should have a spot in the rotation no matter what else happens this season: The Brewers need to figure out what they have in him, and he's impressed enough to earn a much longer chance.

I think I get a really cathartic feeling out of Jungmann doing well. Like, that 2011 draft has been so maligned so early on, that it's fantastic to see Jungmann working out pretty well in a small time-frame. He's not going to maintain this level of success, but he has a real chance to be a solid major league player which would be more than can be said about most first-round draft picks. It would be great to see him become a good player for the Brewers.

With Jungmann pitching so well, the Brewers didn't need much in the way of insurance runs. But they got three more in the seventh in an inning that featured Gerardo Parra hitting yet another home run and Carlos Gomez picking up another RBI double. Parra also had an RBI double in the eighth to give Milwaukee their seventh run while the Dodgers used a sac-fly to get their only run in the bottom of the eighth.

Parra went 3-5 today with the homer and double, bringing his season average to .309. Gomez ended up with five RBI off his two doubles. Ryan Braun and Aramis Ramirez both reached base twice while Adam Lind reached successfully three times on a single and two walks.

The Brewers and Dodgers play a rubber match tomorrow. First pitch is set for 3:10 CT.