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Mariners close to trading for a catcher, per report: Could it be Brewers' Jonathan Lucroy?

Nothing has been mentioned about Jonathan Lucroy, but the Mariners are apparently close to acquiring a catcher so...could it be Lucroy?

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Edit: Looks like the Mariners might be more focused on back-up catchers, though that doesn't necessarily mesh as well with the reports that they had discussed a deal for A.J. Pierzynski. Probably likely they don't want to give up much though, which would absolutely rule out Lucroy. Let the Martin Maldonado trade-hype commence?/!

The Mariners are close to trading for a catcher, according to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports. Neither Morosi nor anyone else has mentioned any names at this point.

With that said, I want to be very, very clear that what I'm about to say is totally conjecture on my part, and that there is no hard evidence to suggest that the catcher in question would come from Milwaukee. But: The Brewers fan in me, and the guy who's been paying attention to the team this year and knows that they should probably be trading off piecces...that part of me says this has a very good chance of being Jonathan Lucroy.

How good of a chance, I don't know. There are a lot of catchers in baseball. About 60 in the majors, give or take. Fewer starting-quality catchers. The Mariners also might not be looking for a starter, since they have Mike Zunino who umm...who has a 515 OPS this year. Huh.

Also of note is the fact that the Brewers made Jonathan Lucroy a third round draft pick in 2007, when Jack Zduriencik was the Brewers scouting director. That year was also the year Zduriencik was the first non-General Manager to ever win executive of the year. Zduriencik now is the Mariners General Manager.

The Mariners would certainly have a number of interesting players available to trade off and with Lucroy, the sky is the danged limit as far as return goes. A few years of an All Star catcher at amazing yearly salaries? Yeah, Seattle's farm system would be gone. D.J. Peterson? Edwin Diaz? Alex Jackson? A major league piece? Zunino coming to Milwaukee in return? Taijuan Walker? I don't know! It's impossible to judge Lucroy's actual value!

If it is Lucroy, of course. But what other catchers are available? Brayan Pena from the Reds? Alex Avila from the Tigers? Oh god, it's trade season. There have barely been any rumors about anything and I'm already hyperventilating.

We'll see what happens. Again, it's a report that the Mariners are close to acquiring a catcher. Nothing about Jonathan Lucroy has been said by anybody who would know. Nobody has even said if it's a starting catcher. But the Mariners are apparently going to trade for a catcher, and the Brewers have a catcher they could trade.

It's trade season, everybody!