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A Potential Brewers roster, come August 1

The Brewers are going to trade away some players, eventually. What could their roster look like after all is said and done?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB trade deadline is 15 days away. The Brewers are going to trade away some players on their major league roster. Maybe a whole bunch of them. Maybe the team is going to look very, very, very, very different on August 1. What might the Brewers roster look like, if the Brewers traded every player that might conceivably be traded?

First, let's do one sentence for each player on the Brewers major league roster/disabled list, and whether they might be traded. I bolded the players that might be traded, to make it easier to pick them out if you just want to do that.

Michael Blazek: No, under team control for too long and wouldn't make sense to trade him now.
Jonathan Broxton: Nobody's going to take on the contract.
Neal Cotts: Yeah, some team would give up a low-tier prospect for him.
Tyler Cravy: No, under team control for too long and wouldn't make sense to trade him now.
Mike Fiers: I'm going to say yes only because he's not young, so might not be a guy to help in a few years.
Matt Garza: No, but only because he's currently injured and no team is likely to deal for him with that contract.
Jeremy Jeffress: No, under team control for too long and wouldn't make sense to trade him now.
Taylor Jungmann: No -- could be a rotation mainstay and it makes no sense to trade young starting pitching
Corey Knebel: No, under team control for too long and wouldn't make sense to trade him now.
Kyle Lohse: If the Brewers can find anyone to take him for any sort of monetary discount he's gone, which isn't inconceivable
Jimmy Nelson: Definitely not -- same boat as Jungmann except with more upside.
Wily Peralta: No -- see Nelson and the fact he's been injured; young, cost-efficient starting pitching isn't what the Brewers are dealing
Francisco Rodriguez: Absolutely.
Will Smith: I'm saying no because he's under team control for too long.
Jonathan Lucroy: Could be traded, yes. It's not exceptionally likely, but there have been bits and pieces of rumors.
Martin Maldonado: Good defensive back-up, but apparently teams are asking too much for these types of players and Maldonado isn't that great, plus if Lucroy is traded the Brewers kind of need to keep him.
Scooter Gennett: Nah, they would be selling exceptionally low and with him under team control for a while the Brewers will keep him.
Hector Gomez: Nope.
Adam Lind: Absolutely.
Hernan Perez: Nope.
Aramis Ramirez: Absolutely. 
Jean Segura: Yeah, the Brewers have shortstop prospects and could convince a team to give up something good.
Ryan Braun: If someone wants to take a good chunk of his contract, he should be dealt though it'd be kind of a bummer.
Khris Davis: Nah, the Brewers wouldn't get much now and he's still under team control for a while.
Carlos Gomez: Could be traded, should be traded.
Gerardo Parra: Definitely should be dealt.
Shane Peterson: Nope.

So, OK, if all those players are traded, what happens? What does the Brewers roster suddenly look like for the year. All of a sudden, there's 11 roster spots to fill, including two starting rotation slots and 6.5 of 8 starting position player spots. Oh man.

Here's where my personal opinion now comes into play. Because the Brewers have to make call-ups, and so I'm going to do my best to guess who those call-ups might be. Though, we can also assume Wily Peralta and Matt Garza come back from the DL soon, so that helps. Let's take a look at what a potential Brewers depth chart could look like come August 1, if all those players are traded.

What a team, huh?

So, here's what I did. The rotation worked itself out, with Garza and Peralta back soon. If anything happens to delay either, Ty Wagner is probably called back up. The bullpen needed two more players, which was also easy: David Goforth and Rob Wooten have been up and down from the majors already, so we bring them back to the Brewers.

Now things get fun with the lineup. Let's start at catcher, because that's easiest. Juan Centeno was the guy when Jonathan Lucroy went on the disabled list, he's probably the guy again. However, Nevin Ashley has been playing well and could be the guy unless the Brewers value consistency for the Triple-A rotation.

In the infield, we traded away three of four starting players. Only Scooter Gennett remains. Two players for the Sky Sox -- Jason Rogers and Luis Sardinas -- have been in the majors this season and probably get recalled. At first base, I think Matt Clark finally gets a longer opportunity after a cup of coffee in 2014. This is pretty flexible. Perez/Gomez might start more at third than Rogers, though I, personally, think Rogers should get the longer look. Shortstop also probably goes with more of a hot hand, though Sardinas seemed to be the guy when Segura was hurt.

You know Logan Schafer will be a guy called up for the outfield, which needs three additional players if we stay with five outfielders. Elian Herrera also gets called up and is rewarded for the great year he's having. That leaves one more outfielder needed. I chose Matt Long, because he's done fairly well in Colorado Springs, can play center field and has been a starting guy in Triple-A all year. Someone like Ben Guez or Bryan Petersen might also make sense.

Of course, even if the Brewers did trade off all those players that I theoretically traded, this still wouldn't likely be the roster. Somewhere in the many returns is likely to be a major league caliber player (or several) that would immediately join the Brewers and bump one of these guys off the list.

Theoretically, though, this could be a Brewers roster on August 1, in just 16 days. It wouldn't be pretty, but neither has the 2015 season. At the very least, it's an interesting look at how different the Brewers might be in a very short time.