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Brewers 'somewhat likely' to trade both Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura

Though the trade season has gotten off to a slow start in MLB, the Brewers are expected to deal some players before the end of July.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

At some point in the next few weeks -- probably a few different 'some points' -- we'll have actual trade news to discuss. The Brewers aren't going to keep the exact same roster they have now into August and, if they do, something has gone drastically, horribly wrong.

The most pressing players to be dealt are those who won't be with the Brewers after 2015. Those are the Aramis Ramirez's and Gerardo Parra's of the world. Soon-to-be retirees or free agents. However, players who would bring the most return are those who are under team control longer.

Two of those more valuable players -- Jean Segura and Carlos Gomez -- are 'somewhat likely' to be dealt by the trade deadline, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports in his latest 'Inside Baseball' article.

Segura has been the more involved player in actual rumors, while Gomez is arguably the most valuable actually-possible-to-be-traded commodity the Brewers have (depending on if you think they'll actually consider trading Jonathan Lucroy). Though the Mets have been the most oft-rumored destination for Segura, Heyman notes they "don't seem to love Segura due to his free-swinging style."

We've looked at the market for Segura before, and it doesn't seem there are a ton of potential landing spots where he would be clearly better than current options immediately. His potential to be better makes him interesting, but the Brewers would be selling low right now. A recent hot streak might help a bit -- he's hitting .425/.465/.425 in July after a dreadful June.

Meanwhile, the Brewers are probably better served trading Gomez than keeping him. They could wait until the off-season, but it doesn't make a lot of sense for them to keep him around. Even if they think they can sign him to a contract extension (Heyman notes the $153 million deal Jacoby Ellsbury signed with the Yankees as a comparison), is that really the best route?

By the time Gomez becomes a free agent, he'll be on the wrong side of 30. The Brewers are, best case scenario, at least three years or so from really being contenders again, and they need to do so on the backs of young players. Gomez might still be a valuable player the first year or two of a renewed competitive window, but it's more likely a large contract would hurt the team more than it would help them. Giving anywhere near $20 million to a player in their mid-30s shouldn't fit in with the Brewers long-term plans, not right now.

'Somewhat likely' is a pretty nebulous term to use, anyway. Really, all it does is confirm what we already knew: Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura might be traded. The Brewers are open to trading them. Sure, the Brewers could theoretically trade them. A trade involving either player would not be off the table.

Which, you know, of course. Anything else wouldn't make sense. Not wanting to trade Jonathan Lucroy makes some sense. Not wanting to trade Gomez or Segura would be kind of silly. I've noted before that it's a silly idea to ever completely close off options for trades. Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura are solidly in a position where the Brewers should be looking at what they can get and, if they find a decent deal, take the shot.

The good (?) news is, we only have a couple more weeks of real, honest-to-god trade rumors. We have two more weeks until the trade deadline and, by that time, the Brewers could look very different.