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Carlos Gomez trade rumors: Executive emphasizes high asking price for Brewers center fielder

Gomez is one of the premiere position players on the trade market and the Brewers won't give him up cheaply.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In case it wasn't already obvious, the Brewers aren't selling Carlos Gomez for anything less than what they perceive as a fantastic return. According to a rival executive (per Ken Rosenthal), the Brewers asking price is "VERY high" (emphasis Rosenthal's) and the team doesn't seem especially eager to trade the center fielder.

That unnamed executive also stated a belief that the Brewers were likely looking to be 'blown away' by an offer for them to consider making a deal. That, of course, makes some sense. The Brewers aren't quite in an area where they need to rush to trade Gomez; he's still signed for another year which makes dealing him in the off-season a possibility.

Gomez, 29, has also been one of the best all-around players in the league the past two years, posting a .284/.347/.491 line with 47 home runs, 74 stolen bases and one of the best gloves in the game from 2013-14. However, he has been prone to minor injuries and isn't quite at the same level as the past two yeahs, batting for a 761 OPS in 2015 with just eight home runs and seven steals.

Even with the down year, Gomez is a bonafide star right now and the Brewers rightfully should be looking for a ton in a trade with him. Position players are at a premium this deadline, and there are plenty of teams who have shown interest in Gomez. The risk, of course, is the later the Brewers wait, the less leverage they have. Less service time also means potentially a smaller return.

One unfortunate thing for the Brewers is the Rockies putting Carlos Gonzalez on the trade market. Previously, there hadn't really been an outfielder of Gomez's caliber available, but Gonzalez is certainly up there with him. Gomez is the superior defensive player, but Gonzalez is likely the stronger bat and is under team control through 2017 versus Gomez's team control through 2016.

If a team is looking generally for an outfielder, they could play the Brewers and Rockies off one another and see if they can get a better deal from either. However, if a buyer is specifically needing a center fielder, Gomez is the clear choice. Though Gonzalez has a few Gold Gloves, he hasn't played center field consistently and has been exclusively in the corner since the end of 2011.

At this point, it looks pretty likely Gomez will be a Brewers player for the rest of 2015. But we're still a few days from the deadline and all it takes is one team offering something that makes the Brewers' heads spin. We'll see if someone ponies up enough to pry Gomez from Milwaukee.