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What We Learned: Carlos Gomez and trade rumors confused everyone

We thought we had the biggest move of the season for the Brewers yesterday when reports came out that Carlos Gomez had been traded, only to be refuted hours later. We discuss that and more in today's What We Learned.

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After yesterday, most of us are still trying to process exactly what happened. So much information was thrown at us over a short period of time that we are still waiting for all of the dust to settle on this. If you were away from your computer yesterday, let's go through the rundown of how last night played out.

About an hour after yesterday's game against the Giants, rumors began coming out that the Mets were making a big push to acquire Carlos Gomez. They had been seeking a bat for a while, and Gomez would give a nice punch to their lineup. The rumors were flying for an hour, with the Indians entering the conversation for a short time as well. After an hour, the reports were coming out that it was a done deal: The Mets had acquired Carlos Gomez in a trade from the Brewers.

As the reports of the deal came out, people's emotions were running wild. Some people absolutely loved the deal, while others absolutely hated it. It involved an injured pitching prospect in Zack Wheeler, who had the potential to be an ace for the Brewers rotation, and a potential third baseman of the future in Wilmer Flores. Stories began coming out to analyze the trade, such as Noah taking a look at Zack Wheeler.

However, while all of this discussion was happening, something strange was going on. In the Padres-Mets game, Wilmer Flores was still playing and had not come out of the game. He was literally standing at shortstop crying (presumably because he had been informed of the trade), yet remained in the game to play. He eventually was pinch hit for in the ninth inning, but everyone was asking why he was still in the game if he had been traded (and even if he hadn't been, why keep him in if he is that upset).

About two hours after the initial reports came out, and shortly after the Mets game came to an end, new reports began flowing out. The trade had not happened, and the deal was off between the two teams. As far as we knew, the deal was basically done (pending physicals). Carlos Gomez had said goodbye to his teammates on the plane back to Milwaukee, and a photo had even been posted to Instagram. We know Wilmer Flores had been informed based on his reaction in the field. How did it end up breaking down?

As things began to settle, more reports came out. Apparently it was a medical issue that called the deal off. Immediately, we all jumped to the side of something being off in Wheeler's recovery. There was even a tweet out there from Scott Boras joking that the Mets had sent the wrong MRI. It didn't take long for the truth to come out, though. The Mets cancelled the deal because of a concern with Gomez's hip. While Gomez had missed some time earlier this season with a hip injury, he has sat for a total of one game in the last month. Boras even came out and defended Gomez vigorously, saying that Gomez is injury-free right now and is constantly examined to stay that way. It just added to the whole strange situation that was going on.

Then, this morning, further details came out about why the deal fell through. Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that the real reason was more financial than medical. Apparently, the Mets originally wanted the Brewers to take on Juan Lagares and his contract, but when the Brewers refused, they settled on Wilmer Flores. However, they wanted the Brewers 2nd round competitive balance pick instead, and when the Brewers refused that, they wanted the Brewers to take on some of Gomez's salary. For a team who has had a payroll over $140 million in the past, arguing over a few million dollars seems shortsighted.

For now, there is no deal in place. Carlos Gomez is still a Brewer and is expected to play today. There is some concern that the hip issue the Mets mentioned could tank Gomez's value now, and it may be more difficult to trade him. Melvin still plans to do whatever he can to make trades before the deadline, but time is running out now. There's just over a day left until the deadline. If Melvin wants to make a move before it, he will have to work quickly.

Yesterday's Results

Giants 5, Brewers 0

The Brewers did play a baseball game yesterday, though very few people remember that. Unfortunately, there's not much to talk about from it.  Mike Fiers held the Giants scoreless for six innings, then allowed two baserunners to reach in the seventh before being pulled. Will Smith came in and got hit hard, allowing four runs (two charged to Fiers) before he was pulled for Jonathan Broxton. Broxton allowed another run (charged to Smith) before the inning finally came to an end. On offense, the Brewers managed just six hits. Gerardo Parra and Jonathan Lucroy each had two, and Carlos Gomez went 0-for-4 in his final game as a Brewer.

Brewers News & Notes
Minor League Update
Team Level Record Yesterday Today
Colorado Springs Sky Sox AAA 41-60 Colorado Springs @ New Orleans (SSPD) Colorado Springs @ New Orleans
Biloxi Shuckers AA 57-42 Jackson 3, Biloxi 2 Jackson @ Biloxi
Brevard County Manatees A+ 43-57 Palm Beach 9, Brevard County 0- Brevard County @ Jupiter
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers A 36-66 Wisconsin 4, Peoria 3 Peoria @ Wisconsin
DSL Brewers R 22-29 DSL Brewers 10, DSL Yankees2 7 DSL Yankees2 @ DSL Brewers
Helena Brewers R 17-21 Missoula 10, Helena 4 Helena @ Great Falls
AZL Brewers R 15-16 OFF AZL Brewers @ AZL Indians
NL Central Update
Team W L
Cardinals 64 37
Pirates 59 41
Cubs 53 47
Reds 45 54
Brewers 44 58

Today's Division Games

  • Pirates (A.J. Burnett) @ Reds (David Holmberg) - 6:10 pm
  • Rockies (Chris Rusin) @ Cardinals (Carlos Martinez) - 6:15 pm
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Today's Action

The Brewers are back at Miller Park tonight to start a four-game series against the Cubs. In game one, Jimmy Nelson will face Jake Arrieta, and Carlos Gomez will probably get a standing ovation after what happened yesterday. First pitch is at 7:10 pm.