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Brewers quiet with 24 hours remaining until trade deadline

The Brewers almost made a major trade on Wednesday night. Now, with only one full day remaining until the deadline, it doesn't look like they are on the verge of anything.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

As of this article being published, we are officially 24 hours away from the 2015 MLB trade deadline. In the past few weeks leading up to now, here are the moves the Brewers -- who are last place in the NL Central and have the third-worst record in baseball -- have made:

  • Traded 3B Aramis Ramirez to the Pirates for RP prospect Yhonathan Barrios
  • Almost traded Carlos Gomez to the Mets

Here are the current HOT RUMORS that the Brewers are involved in as the deadline approaches:

  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • I think Doug Melvin may have traded his lunchables candy bar for Gord Ash's string cheese
  • ...

Basically, the Brewers aren't really rumored to do much right now. Which isn't to say they won't do anything in the next 24 hours. Outfielder Gerardo Parra and his expiring contract still seem to be expected to be dealt. At any minute, someone like Adam Lind or Carlos Gomez or Francisco Rodriguez or Jean Segura could be traded if another team calls with an offer the Brewers like.

Remember, 24 hours is a lot of time. If you were so inspired, I bet you could write a show about the events that could transpire in a 24-hour window. And trades can happen very, very quickly. Imagine, hypothetically, if the Cardinals called and said "We'll give you our top three pitching prospects for Adam Lind." The Cardinals won't do that, of course, but if they did, Doug Melvin would look like Barry Allen he'd be faxing over papers so fast.

The Brewers might even be talking to teams right now about potential deals. It's not unreasonable to think they probably are, even if any conversations are tentative at best. The Brewers are known for being tight-lipped when it comes to rumors; it seems like any news we get typically comes from the other team's side of things.

With 24 hours left, the Brewers have players to trade. The fact that they would have made the deal with the Mets means Milwaukee is also definitely willing to trade big name players like Carlos Gomez, which is something that wasn't certain before.

They might be able to find deals, they might not. We'll know for sure in 24 hours. The MLB trade deadline is at 4:00 ET, 3:00 CT on Friday. Buckle up for a fun ride!