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Brewers may be planning on big front office turnover

One person who is unlikely to leave is pro scouting director Zack MInasian.

Mark Hirsch/Getty Images

With Doug Melvin moving on from his role as general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, it appears the team will make a number of other moves to change up the front office as well. According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the Brewers "plan to do plenty of housecleaning in front office."

That makes some sense -- the Brewers want someone younger and more analytical to take over as general manager and that kind of person will likely want to redevelop the front office. While Doug Melvin wasn't averse to newer analysis techniques, he he didn't strongly lean in that direction. As such, a big change to the organization's front office could be expected.

Nightengale does say that pro scouting director Zack Minasian will remain with the team, however. He's been with the Brewers since May 2005 and, as Nightengale notes, is highly-respected around baseball.

In fact -- and this is speculation on my part -- it would be surprising if Minasian wasn't a candidate to fill the now-vacant GM role. He's in his early-30s, so he certainly fills the 'younger' qualification. He's also maintained a high-ranking job in the Brewers front office for years and the team has a tendency to promote from within. Minasian has had plenty of insight on player moves, of course, and seems like he could be on the verge of a bigger role. He's certainly proud of helping build the team to where they are, telling the Journal Sentinel in 2011:

"I remember, before I took this job, there were a lot of people telling me not to come here," says Minasian. "The organization hadn't been very successful. They weren't known for spending money, and really weren't known for much beyond Robin Yount and the '82 team. And I can remember getting there and seeing only 15,000 fans on Friday nights.

"But now, it's seven years later, and we draw three million fans [a year]. I walk around the city, and see people wearing Brewers shirts and Brewers hats. It's great to feel like I've been a part of building that up."

As far as the rest of the front office? Who knows what will happen! Assistant General Manager Gord Ash -- who is actually a few months older than Melvin -- would likely be one of those to move on. One person who will be interesting to watch is Ray Montgomery, who left his job as amateur scouting director of the Diamondbacks to take on the same role with the Brewers last year. Montgomery, 46, is also a likely candidate for GM but could he end up leaving the organization if not hired in that role?

Nightengale's tweet is fairly non-specific, but the Brewers seem likely to shake things up in the coming months. They've already taken big steps on the player side to build for the future, now it's the front office's turn. The decisions made are going to be key for the direction of the franchise in the coming years. It's going to be exciting to see what direction they choose.