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The Arizona League Brewers did an amazing thing Monday

The Brewers rookie-league affiliate had 12 stolen bases as a few top prospects chipped in.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a fun year to pay attention to Brewers prospects as the organization has quickly created one of the better farm systems in the league. A couple strong drafts, international signings and trades have all contributed to that, and the team should see good returns from that in the coming years.

For now, though, we have to content ourselves with watching the Brewers' top prospects work their way through the majors. Which can be exciting. Especially when they do incredible things like the Arizona League Brewers did on Monday night:

Twelve stolen bases! The Brewers' 2015 first round pick, outfielder Trent Clark, had two of them. Second baseman Gregory Munoz had four. Catcher Max McDowell had two. CATCHER Max McDowell had multiple stolen bases. Third baseman Jorge Quiterio, shortstop Gilbert Lara, right fielder Yerald Martinez and DH Zach Taylor all had one apiece.

It's next to impossible to find stats on this kind of thing in the minors, but to put this into perspective on what a night that was, a Major League team has stolen 13 bases in a game on just one occasion: In 1914 the Indianapolis Hoosiers swiped 13 bags off the Pittsburgh Rebels in a 21-6 game. Vin Campbell stole five bases and Bill McKechnie stole four to lead the way.

In fact, 10+ stolen bases has only happened in the majors seven times. The most recent time came in 2000, when the Marlins grabbed 10 extra bags off the Padres.

It certainly has happened more in the minors, if only just because of the much greater number of teams and because weird things just happen in minor league baseball sometimes.

The AZL Brewers still lost on Monday, by the way, despite their great night on the bases. Speed has been the name of the game for them as the team now has 96 swiped bags in 52 games. Clark has 20 and Demi Orimoloye has 19 so far.

Did I mention how fun it's going to be to track the progress of these guys? It's going to be so fun.