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Taylor Jungmann is on pace for a top Brewers rookie season

Taylor Jungmann has had a great start to his MLB career. If he keeps this pace up, he could end up with the best rookie season by a pitcher in Brewers history.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Jungmann will make his 11th start of the season for the Brewers tonight. Through his first ten starts, he has been exceptional. He has posted a 2.23 ERA and a 3.11 FIP, along with a 7.38 K/9 and a 2.92 BB/9. When he first came up, we thought it would be just for a spot start. He just kept impressing game after game, and has most likely solidified a spot in the rotation for the rest of this season, and probably to start next season as well.

Not only has this season been one of the best for the Brewers pitchers, it's also been one of the best for a rookie in Brewers history. If the season ended today, Taylor Jungmann would have one of the ten best rookie seasons by bWAR (Wins Above Replacement according to Baseball-Reference) in Brewers history. Here is the full table:

Player Year bWAR
Cal Eldred* 1992 4.2
Teddy Higuera* 1985 3.2
Dan Plesac 1986 3.2
Don August* 1988 3.2
Steve Sparks* 1995 3.2
Jerry Augustine 1976 2.8
Bill Parsons* 1971 2.7
Chuck Crim 1987 2.7
Ray Searage 1984 2.4
Taylor Jungmann 2015 2.4

* - Received Rookie of the Year votes

If everything is on schedule, Taylor Jungmann would get eleven more starts this year. Finishing the season at the top of the list is a possibility, though he would have to keep up this pace to do it. Even if he does not, he's well within range to claim the #2 spot on the list. That would be a major accomplishment for Jungmann to finish that strong. It would be a big turnaround for him, going from a Triple-A pitcher with a questionable future to a strong starting pitcher with a spot in the Brewers rotation of the future.