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Brewers select contract of Zach Davies, who will make MLB debut tomorrow against Pirates

The Brewers have added Zach Davies to the 40-man roster and active roster. He will make his MLB debut tomorrow against the Pirates.

Tom Lynn/Getty Images

September 1 is here, and the rosters have officially expanded across baseball. While the Brewers have decided to wait until the end of the minor-league seasons to fully take advantage of this, they did make one callup today. They selected the contract of Zach Davies from Colorado Springs, adding him to the active roster and 40-man roster. In addition, the Brewers announced that he will make his MLB debut tomorrow in a start against the Pirates.

Currently #11 on the Brewers top 30 prospect list on, Davies was acquired from the Orioles at the trade deadline on July 31 in exchange for outfielder Gerardo Parra. He hasn't had a great start in Colorado Springs, posting a 5.00 ERA and 4.44 FIP in five starts over 27 innings. However, his strikeout rate of 7.00 K/9 is mostly unchanged, and the .391 BABIP allowed may indicate that his struggles have been more of a matter of luck over anything else. In 19 games with the Orioles Triple-A affiliate this year, he posted a 2.84 ERA and 3.08 FIP over 101.1 innings.

Davies last pitched on August 27 for Colorado Springs, allowing three runs and nine hits in six innings with four strikeouts. He will be pitching on five days rest tomorrow, which is likely why the Brewers wanted to put him in the rotation right away rather than wait until Saturday when they need another starter. This will give everyone else a little extra rest, versus putting him in on Saturday and having him wait nine days between starts.

By adding Davies to the roster now, the Brewers do not have to burn an option year with his callup for September. He will have a full set of options entering spring training in 2016. According to the Brewers roster page on, this puts them at 38 players on the 40-man roster, leaving two spots open for other additions, if the Brewers choose to add more players.