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Jimmy Nelson won't pitch again this season

Jimmy Nelson took a line drive off the side of his head last week and now the Brewers have decided to shut him down for the season.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

In a scary scene last week Jimmy Nelson took a line drive off the side of his head. Considering the nature of the injury he seemed relatively okay as he was up and talking to the trainer quickly. He also left on his own accord. Shortly after he underwent medical tests that showed no concussion but there was indication of a contusion the size of a dime on his brain. The Brewers have now decided it's best for Nelson to not pitch again this season.

It makes sense to shut Nelson down now since the Brewers are out of contention. Jimmy Nelson is going to be an important member of the Brewers going forward and there is no reason to risk his health now. As far as I can tell though he should be fine in short order. He was able to avoid a concussion somehow. If this happened earlier in the season I bet he'd be back after a minimum trip to the disabled list.

His next start was to come tomorrow (Tuesday September 22) but instead the Brewers will go to their bullpen.

Tyler Cravy starting the day is probably significant. He had made 5 starts for the Brewers earlier this year. His success was uneven in those starts but at this point that's not important.

The Brewers have need of a starter for about 2-3 more games in Nelson's spot. It's possible a pitcher from AA Biloxi makes a start or two but I think it's more likely Cravy takes those games. He's already on the roster and it might be more beneficial to reserve service time on those younger pitchers for next year.

It's always scary when a pitcher gets hurt and doubly so when that injury occurs at the head level. "Season ending" injuries always send chills though a fan base but in this case I think it's because of how close the season actually is to ending. Jimmy Nelson should be fine. In his stead the Brewers have a pitcher capable of eating some innings and perhaps impressing enough to earn a role with next year's team either in the rotation or bullpen. So at least there is still something for fans to hold their interest.