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Brett Phillips checks in at #9 on the MLB Pipeline Top OF Prospects List

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As wraps up it's series on the Top 10 prospects at each position, the Brewers placed yet another prospect on the lists. This time it's Brett Phillips, the Brewers' brand spankin' new outfield prospect who is ranked ninth among the league's outfield prospects.

MLB doesn't separate out the three outfield positions, or even differentiate between corner and center fielders, making this an exclusive list to be on. Leading the list for what seems like the eleventy-billionth straight year is Minnesota phenom Byron Buxton, who saw a little over 100 at-bats last season with the big league club. Following him are a pair of Rangers prospects, Lewis Brinson and Nomar Mazara, both of whom could represent the centerpiece of a trade for Jonathan Lucroy, should the Brewers and Rangers find themselves dance partners.

Phillips finds himself ranked among and above some high quality company, including high-profile Blue Jays prospect Anthony Alford, who just missed the cut, and German phenom Max Kepler, currently coming up through the Twins organization.

Milwaukee's system is absolutely loaded in the outfield, even more so today following the news that the Brewers have swung a trade for former Padres prospect Rymer Liriano. The highest upside in the system may belong to Trent Clark, the 19-year-old 2015 first round pick. Nearer to making an impact on the major league roster are Michael Reed, a fifth round pick in 2011, and Ramon Flores, the former Yankees prospect acquired by trade via Seattle.

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth about a lack of appearances as they went around the infield, the Brewers ended up placing three players in the eight MLB Pipeline Top 10 lists, slightly more than their fair share. Besides Phillips, Orlando Arcia checked in at #3 among shortstops, and Josh Hader slotted in at #6 with the left-handed pitchers.

Arcia and Phillips are locks for the Top 100 Overall list, which will be revealed on MLB Network on Friday evening. Hader is a long shot for that list, but a couple of players that sit just outside the positional top 10s in RHP Jorge Lopez and OF Trent Clark are both possible entrants on the overall list. You can meet all of them this Saturday at Brewers On Deck. Far more excitingly, you can also meet me, Brew Crew Ball's senior fashion expert. See you there!