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There are 92 days until Opening Day!

Today's Opening Day countdown tie-in tells the tale of Jean Segura's 92nd stolen base.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

We're kicking off the new year with a count down to Opening Day. I'm going to have a new article up for you everyday from now until MLB's Opening Day--April 4. That's 92 days from now. I was trying to think of a theme and I decided to just randomly pick a stat, event, or maybe even jersey number represented by the number of days left until opening day. As we're 92 days away and I decided to look at the game in which the Jean Segura earned his career 92nd stolen base.

Jean Segura has stolen a total of 96 bases as a major leauger. All of them as a Milwaukee Brewer. The 92nd stolen base of his career came on September 7, 2015. I went back to read our game recap, but surprisingly there wasn't one. That doesn't happen often. Thankfully FanGraphs WPA Chart gives a play-by-play accounting of each game on record.

This was a special game for Zach Davies. He was the Brewers starter that day. It was his second major league start. The previous one was something of a disaster for him. He only pitched 4.1 innings and gave up 4 runs. It was probably weighing heavily on his mind. Thankfully his second start went a good deal better. He tossed 7 innings against the Marlins allowing just 1 run. He had a good deal of offense to back him up too.

Khris Davis was right in the middle of his torrid hot streak to end the season. He added a solo home run to that stretch in the third inning. He drove in a second run later in the game. Domingo Santana and Adam Lind also knocked in two runs. But Hernan Perez of all people arguably had the best offensive game. He had three hits and three runs batted in.

Jean Segura led off the fifth inning with a single to center. He followed that up with his 92nd career stolen base. After a Jonathan Lucroy single and double by Ryan Braun, Segura crossed home plate. All told the Brewers would route the Marlins 9-1.

Tyler Thornburg finished off the game for Zach Davies by pitching two scoreless innings. Thornburg had a pretty uneven season as he dealt with a serious elbow injury--a partial tear of his UCL. Typically that requires Tommy John surgery, but he and the Brewers chose PRP treatment instead.  He pitched in April, but was pretty horrible--5.59 ERA and 6.75 FIP, 15.7 K%, 5.9 BB%, .340 BAA, 1.97 WHIP. But after rehabbing and return in August he was much better--2.92 ERA, 4.47 FIP, 26.0 K%, 9.0 BB%, .169 BAA, 0.97 WHIP. It'll be interesting to see how Thornburg's health is going into the 2016 season and how well he pitches if he is healthy.

It will also be interesting to see if Jean Segura is still with the Brewers. There have been a lot of rumors and talk of the Brewers trading him at some point this offseason. There are still four months left to do that and David Stearns have built enough middle infield depth to allow such a trade. Whatever happens, we'll get that answer within 92 days.