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There are 91 days until Opening Day!

Today's Opening Day countdown tie-in tells the happy tale of the Brewers 91st loss in 2015.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We're kicking off the new year with a count down to Opening Day. I'm going to have a new article up for you everyday from now until MLB's Opening Day--April 4. That's 91 days from now. I was trying to think of a theme and I decided to just randomly pick a stat, event, or maybe even jersey number represented by the number of days left until opening day. As we're 91 days away and I decided to look at the game in which the Brewers earned their 91st loss of the 2015 season.

Last year the Brewers experienced their worst season since 2004. With 94 losses it was tied for the 10th worst record in franchise history. Fun stuff! Their 91st loss would come in October--a month in which they lost every game they played. They only played four games in October, but still. The game in question was against the Padres on October 1st.

The Brewers lost the game 3-1. That one run was a solo home run by Shane Peterson. All in all this game was pretty forgettable. There was one notable aspect and that relates to the starting pitcher.

This was Taylor Jungmann's final start of the year and it did not go well for him. He threw 52 pitches in the first two innings and was pulled one out into the fourth. This start was representative of his command issues at the minor league level. If he's going to reach his ceiling as a mid-rotation caliber pitcher he'll have to find a way to limit those issues. That is something he was able to do for the most part at the major league level in 2015.

He ended the season with 119.1 innings with a 3.77 ERA and 3.92 FIP. His 21.4 K% was slightly above league average--20.4%. However his 9.4 BB% was worse than league average--7.7%. He was able to keep batters off balance as evidenced by his better than league average .238 BAA. His 1.28 WHIP was almost exactly league average.

That's about league average or No. 4 caliber production. That is by no means a bad thing, by the way. In fact I would say it's pretty encouraging considering a lot of people had written him off before the season began. If he can even just be a solid No. 4 starter that's pretty good. We'll get a better idea of what Jungmann is capable of when he gets a full season at the major league level in 2016.

Statistic courtesy of FanGraphs