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Thursday Thinker: Saving the Decade

The first Brewers-themed Sporcle quiz of 2016 is a blatant ripoff of an idea I saw elsewhere. Enjoy!

Maybe Jeremy Jeffress is a guy we add to this list in 2016.
Maybe Jeremy Jeffress is a guy we add to this list in 2016.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

First of all: Credit for this idea is due to Bucs Dugout. I saw their version of this quiz and adapted it to the Brewers, with some minor modifications.

Now that Francisco Rodriguez has left the organization the pitchers on the Brewers' current 40-man roster have a combined career total of two MLB saves, including just one while pitching for Milwaukee. As such, we'll likely be adding some names to this list going forward.

Over the last ten seasons (going back to Opening Day 2006), 23 pitchers have recorded a save for the Brewers in a regular season game. How many can you name in eight minutes?

Before we get started, some notes:

  • The "season(s)" field includes all seasons the player spent with the Brewers between 2006-15. That doesn't mean they recorded a save in all of those seasons.
  • The "season(s)" field only includes seasons between 2006-15. As such, players who pitched for the Brewers before 2006 will still have 2006 as their first listed season.
  • As is typically the case, you only need to enter players' last names.

If this quiz isn't displaying correctly for you here or you'd simply prefer to take it over there, follow this link to take it at

Please post your score in the comments below, but also remember that the comments on this post may contain spoilers. If you get all 23 answers correct, post your time with your score in the comments.

If you finish this quiz and want another challenge, there are literally dozens more in the archive, including the most recent Thinker asking you to name the Brewers that appeared in multiple All Star Games.

Have fun, and don't forget to post your score in the comments!