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There are 88 days until Opening Day!

Today's opening day countdown tie-in looks at newest Brewers Chris Carter's 88th career home run.

Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images

We're kicking off the new year with a count down to Opening Day. I'm going to have a new article up for you everyday from now until MLB's Opening Day--April 4. That's 88 days from now. I was trying to think of a theme and I decided to just randomly pick a stat, event, or maybe even jersey number represented by the number of days left until opening day. Yesterday the Brewers signed a first baseman. So I thought it would be fitting to take a look at the game in which Chris Carter hit his 88th home run.

The 29 year old slugger was originally selected by the White Sox in the 2005 draft. He was taken with the 15th pick of the 15 round--455th overall. He spent two years in Chicago's minor league system before being traded to the Oakland Athletics. He made his major league debut in 2010, and spent three years up and down with the A's. He didn't play play a full season until 2013, after a trade to the Houston Astros. He spent another three years with them before they DFA'd him earlier this offseason.

In his first full season with the Astros he hit 29 home runs. In his second season he hit 37. Last season he hit 24 home runs, but it was his third home run of 2015 that was the 88th of his career. That came on May 3rd against the Seattle Mariners. It was the 23rd game of the season which was rather surprising. Traditionally he'd have gotten that home run sooner but he opened the season with a relatively long HR drought.

J.A. Happ was the starting pitcher for the Mariners in that game. He lasted 6 innings but was roughed up quite a bit. He walked three batters and gave up 7 hits, including 2 home runs. He allowed 6 earned runs in that game. Two of them came courtesy of Chris Carter. He belted a two-run home run for his 88th career HR, putting the Astros up 5-1. It would prove to be an important two runs as the game was up and down. The Astros ultimately won 7-6.

I did some digging and I was able to find the clip of the home run for your enjoyment.

Fun side note: Rickie Weeks was in the game for the Mariners. He pinch hit and played left field--surely rubbing some sour Brewers fans the wrong way. He drew a walk and hit a double, driving in two runs and scoring one of his own. Miss you Rickie.