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A BCB Site Announcement


General View

Good morning loyal readers, I’ll just take a moment of your time today to announce some minor changes at Brew Crew Ball:

I’m excited to be taking over as Managing Editor of this great community.

As some of you may have noticed, Derek hasn’t been able to be as active on the site for a little while now. Early on in the summer he started a new job (in real life) that has limited his ability to consistently create content for the site, and he has decided that it would be best to step away. From our conversations it sounds like Derek is really enjoying where he is at, which is great. We should all be so lucky to enjoy our jobs. I’m beyond grateful that Derek gave me the opportunity to come on board at Brew Crew Ball a little over a year ago and I’m sure you all will join me in wishing him the best of luck going forward.

This transition shouldn’t be a major one. I’ve been around for awhile now so you’re probably familiar with my (crappy) writing, and I have been doing a lot of the managing stuff behind the scenes for the last couple of months. My goal is more to continue guiding the site as it has been going than it is to make significant changes. JP, eddiematthews, and I will continue to churn out as high-quality of content as possible, and I expect that I’ll be looking to hire one or two more contributors here shortly.

I’m excited for this tremendous opportunity! I hope I don’t screw things up too badly. Here is to what figures to be an offseason full of intrigue and rumors as the Brewers look to begin the next phase of their rebuild, and here’s hoping that you’ll continue to follow along with BCB every step of the way.