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What We Learned: Current and future superstars

How likely is it to get a superstar? It’s not as likely as it seems, and he look at that in today’s What We Learned.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Brewers News and Notes

MVBrewers #7: Tyler Thornburg | -JP-, BCB
MVBrewer #8: Hernan Perez | eddiemathews, BCB

Two more Brewers joined the MVBrewers list, as we looked at the seasons for Tyler Thornburg and Hernan Perez.

Ryan Braun’s Worrisome Ground Ball Tendency | Ryan Romano, BP Milwaukee

Despite a good year from Ryan Braun, his ground ball rate is the highest it has been in his career. That could suggest a lucky year and problems in the future.

Prospects and Future Cornerstornes | Kyle Lesniewski, BCB

One complaint of the Brewers minor-league system is that even though they have some strong prospects, they don’t have much in terms of superstar prospects. There’s a simple reason for that: Very few systems have a player projected to be that good.

MLB Playoffs

This Weekend’s Games

AL Championship Series
Game 1: Indians 2, Blue Jays 0
Game 2: Indians 2, Blue Jays 1
Indians Lead Series 2-0

NL Championship Series
Game 1: Cubs 8, Dodgers 4
Game 2: Dodgers 1, Cubs 0
Series Tied 1-1

Tonight’s Game

ALCS Game 3
Indians @ Blue Jays | 7:00 pm, TBS
Trevor Bauer vs. Marcus Stroman
Indians Lead Series 2-0