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The Sunday Sporcle: Climb the Brewers pitching ladder

Can you make your way through this special Brewers themed word ladder?

Fans Standing on Ladders

Welcome to a special Sunday edition of the Thursday Thinker. Unlike the Thursday Thinker (which will be a weekly feature this offseason), the Sunday Sporcle will not be a regular occurrence. There may be times where a few in a row will pop up, but we could also go a month or so without one. It’s meant to be an extra diversion to help you get through the offseason.

In addition, Sunday Sporcles may deviate from the general path of Sporcle quizzes here. While the Thursday Thinkers will test your knowledge of the Brewers, the Sunday Sporcles will be meant more for fun or to change it up. You’ll see some different kinds of quizzes here, such as the one for today.

In today’s quiz, you are going to navigate your way through a Brewers themed word ladder. For those of you who aren’t familiar with word ladders on Sporcle, it’s a chain of words where the next word in the chain only differs from the previous word by one letter. For example, here’s a chain you could see in one:


The general idea is to change just one letter to get to the next word. While multiple words may work for a clue, generally only one will match the clue and fit in the chain.

For this quiz, you must navigate through a chain that contains the names of former Brewers pitchers. It might be a first name or a last name, or even both, but you must get through the 50-step ladder in just 7 minutes. (Answers do not have to be in order.)

(If you’re having trouble viewing the above quiz, you can view the quiz directly on Sporcle here.)

Once you’re done, be sure to post your score in the comments. If you manage to get all 50, post your time as well. It’s all on the honor system, but it’s also just for fun, so don’t cheat. Also, be warned that the comments may contain spoilers. (If you want to be kind, use spoiler text as well when discussing players in the comments.)

If you want to try other quizzes, you can try Thursday’s strikeout quiz or last week’s yearly roster quiz. There’s also the Sporcle archive with plenty of quizzes in there.

Good luck, have fun, and make sure to post your score in the comments.