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Brew Crew Ball is looking to add a writer.

Hiring Gains Drop Unemployment Rate To 7.7 Percent Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Brew Crew Ball is looking to hire one new writer for the website.

This is a paid position that will be offered a monthly stipend. In return, you will be expected to publish 3-4 posts (or more) on a weekly basis.

The ideal candidate has daytime availability during the weekdays (until roughly 4 pm CST) in order to help cover any breaking news that may happen while other members of the staff may be at their real-life jobs or classes. This candidate should also be skilled in statistical analysis of baseball, as I’m looking to expand those features for the site.

I’m looking for a writer who won’t hesitate to challenge conventional wisdom, will dig deep to support their ideas, and who isn’t afraid to be critical of something they may not agree with. You aren’t required to be a Brewers’ fan to apply, but do keep in mind that the Milwaukee Nine is the main focus of this site and will be what you write about here at BCB.

BCB is an equal opportunity employer, anyone and everyone is welcome to apply as long as you are age 18 or older. If you are interested, please send a resume and some samples of your work to Kyle Lesniewski at