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BCB Mailbag 2: Mike Trout, Candy Corn, and Fast Food for Breakfast

Answering the burning questions from you, the reader.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Here we go:

nanook1207 asks:

If you could poach one player to play for the brewers

from any other team to play the next 5 years who would it be and why? Salary doesn’t matter.

cwolf20 added the caveat that this exludes Mike Trout, so I’ll go with Clayton Kershaw. He’s the best pitcher in baseball and that curveball is really something to watch, man. He and Junior Guerra as co-aces of the starting rotation would bring a World Series to Milwaukee for sure.

selvington02 asks:

If the Angels would be willing

Would you take Trout in a trade for Brinson, Diaz, Phillips, Hader,and Gennett?

In a heartbeat.

Hyatt asks:

What is the case for trading Ryan Braun?

I would love to hear the other side

Last week I said I was against trading Braun, but I do understand why there is support behind the idea. Braun’s contract is fair market value, but $76 mil is not a small amount to be on the hook for in a market like Milwaukee’s. He is coming off of an elite offensive season where he slugged 30 home runs and posted the 7th-best wRC+ (133) among qualified outfielders while posting improved defensive metrics after switching back to left field. Perhaps most importanly, he was healthy all year for a second consecutive season.

The Brewers should be asking a high price for Braun on the trade market and there might be enough interest to facilitate a deal. If someone offered me a package including a 60 FV prospect and a 55 FV prospect in the upper minors along with one or two other pieces, even if I had to eat a bit of cash in the deal I’d probably pull the trigger. Imagine how good the farm system would look then!

Dikembe Meiztombo asks:

McDonald's breakfast sandwiches

Egg McMuffin or Sausage McMuffin with Egg?

I’m more of a sausage biscuit with egg kind of guy, but since that wasn’t one of the options I’ll go Sausage McMuffin with egg.

Also, Junbug11 added that Taco Bell Breakfast Crunchwraps aren’t bad, which I will co-sign. Personally, I’ll take a Grebe’s doughnut from my local Speedway for breakfast.

nullacct asks:

Free agency is absent of starting pitching this year, but are there any flyers the Brewers might take a shot at?

According to the 2016-17 free agent list from MLB Trade Rumors, here is a list of buy-low type starting pitchers I’d be interested in taking a look at:

  • Henderson Alvarez (on a back loaded, two year deal while he rehabs)
  • Brett Anderson
  • Andrew Cashner
  • Mat Latos
  • Jacob Turner

AKBrewerfan asks:

Candy Corn is the top selling halloween candy.


Actually, I don’t think Candy Corn is that bad.

From Twitter:

If Yuni B can play shotstop for a Brewers playoff team...

Why yes Eugene, I am rather curious to see what moves Stearns might make this offseason. I’ll put the over/under at four trades.

Thanks for all the great questions folks, I had fun. Let’s do this again next week? Have a spooky Halloween weekend!